110 years of Transfermarkt: a story of turning points and revolutions


From Renzo De Vecchi, who negotiated the first deal in 1913, to the managerial epics of Anconetani and Berlusconi, then the coups in the 90s (Baggio, Ronaldo Nazario) to the bang of the 2000s with CR7. On Sportweek, the development of buying and selling between executives, businessmen and… crooks

Renzo De Vecchi is 19 years old, has an aquiline nose and a receding hairline, works as a delivery boy and plays for the club in his hometown of Milan. At the age of 16 he made his debut for the national team. He is so good that they call him “Son of God”. “But that’s el fieù del Signùr,” exclaimed a Rossoneri manager upon seeing him.

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