A discussion table on the subject of disability and sport. The conference “Sport and disability … without obstacles”organized by the Panathlon Club Firenze at Assi Giglio Rosso, provided the opportunity for exchanges on the theme of inclusive sport and led to new collaborations between the different realities involved in the world of disability.

“We started a discussion on the critical issues starting from a fundamental basis – he explains Maurizio Mancianti, President of Panathlon Florence – Identify places where people with disabilities can play sports. We need a strong commitment from cities and territories, not only in terms of removing architectural barriers, but in integrated and shared ways with the realities that deal with this field on a daily basis.”

The works were welcomed by Simone Cardullo, President of Coni Toscana, Massimo Porciani, President of Cip Toscana, Nicola Armentano, City Councilor of the Metropolitan City, Francesco Casini, Mayor of Bagno a Ripoli and Marcello Marchioni, National Councilor of Coni and President Assi Giglio Rosso.

“It is important to continue discussing and learning more about the different activation needs for a future when there will be no more need for these disability conferences,” he explained Naomi Salvati – Member of Panathlon Firenze who followed the organization of the event.

The meeting gave rise to joint initiatives such as that promoted by the Gabriele Borgogni Association and the Florence Panathlon, which offers associations participation in a day at Aerogravity in Milan, founded by Andrea Pacini of “Spingi la vita Onlus”.

Panathlon Florence is involved in a new project that combines sport and social life. In fact, at the Teatrodante “Carlo Monni” in Campi Bisenzio, Wednesday March 22nd is staged Florentine“, a special evening organized by Giglio Amico together with the Glorie Viola and the Panathlon Club Firenze to commemorate Andrea Pazzagli, a former goalkeeper who grew up in the youth academy Florentine and died in 2011.