Artists and songs of the first evening


How to vote at the Sanremo Festival 2024

Three Le Juries expected at the Sanremo Festival 2023: that of journalists, that of radio (which replaces opinion polls) and televoting. On the second and third evenings (February 7th and 8th), the competing songs will be voted on by the audience via televoting (50%) and by the radio jury (50%). The songs (and their performers) will be made available to the public Top 5 places in the evening ranking. In the final of SanremoOn Saturday, February 10th, all competing songs will be reinterpreted and voted on by the public via televoting. The general ranking is communicated to the public and the average between the percentages of votes obtained by televoting in the evening and those obtained on previous evenings is determined a New overall ranking of the 30 songs which are communicated to the public. Then the names of the top 5 will be determined, who will perform their songs again. The previous votes are canceled and a new vote is taken by the public using televoting (34%), the press room, television and internet (33%) and radio (33%). There Song with the highest total vote share In this final vote she is declared the winner of Sanremo 2024.