Bari, Marino wobbles. Cannavaro or Bisoli? De Laurentiis chooses


FLY AHEAD – For theThe end smiles, as if he had won as a footballer. Fabio Pecchia knows well how many pitfalls the championship presents and is right not to trust Venezia, which was never tamed and obviously punished after a beautiful and endless game. The sensational transfer of the Norwegian sharpshooter Dennis Johnsen and beyond to Cremonese, a direct competitor in Serie A, who won in Lecco and made Stroppa happy by isolating himself in 2nd place in the standings, was not enough to quench the spirit of the Lagoon to weaken players. Vanoli points out with great intellectual honesty that it was not in the agreement to give up a striker of this caliber, especially in the final stages of the winter transfer window.

THE PRIDE OF VANOLI – But then he starts a sharp fight that puts the Dukes in trouble, before giving in to an invention by Camara in the hundredth minute of the game that causes the “Tardini” to explode. Como is smiling, here too with one of the big market coups. Strefezza beats Ternana and overturns the Como team's home defeat against Ascoli. Veteran Caracciolo is also happy because he has the pride of undoing Cosenza's third win in a row in the final attack, with Tutino scoring his ninth goal after countless woodwork. Pisa drew at San Vito-Marulla, preventing the Sila from Caserta from getting closer to the playoff boundary and probably averting another bench crisis this season. Aquilani gets the valuable point for the double yellow penalty against Calabresi with the man less and shows with facts that the team is on his side.

THE BARI CRISIS – Speaking of wobbly benches: there is Marino in Bari. A release is far from unlikely as Cannavaro has already been contacted and Bisoli serves as alternatives with Javorcic. The terrible defeat in Palermo, which brought Corini back into the direct promotion zone, made owner De Laurentiis think. Alessandro Nesta will not soon forget the afternoon at the top of Reggiana. With a one-goal advantage and two men more due to FeralpiSalò's red card, the Granata team was unable to finish the game and failed to equalize in the 95th minute with Balestrero. It is a disgrace for the accusations of racism against Butic, which the visiting captain then voiced in an agitated aftermath that should be forgotten.