Bergamo beat Casalmaggiore in the tiebreak


The game starts evenly, then the team takes the lead thanks to a break from Melandri and the valuable contribution from Smarzek (6 points), who is immediately on the ball. Despite Lorrayna’s 9 points, coach Musso’s team leads 1-0. However, even when returning to the Taraflex, the Brazilian’s intensity does not subside and it is she who scores the point 23-25 ​​​​that brings the fight back into balance. The hosts try to react, but coach Solforati’s team, making its debut as the first coach in Serie A1, plays well thanks to the leadership of Giulia Gennari and manages to make it 1-2 again with a score of 23-25. Compensation. Casalmaggiore’s proud reaction comes in the fourth set, one-sided: 25-14 and tiebreak. Tension and fatigue are felt in the team, which commits 4 errors against the guests’ 0 and it is precisely a false attack from Acosta that gives the decisive 11-15 that gives Bergamo the two points.

The MVP of the game was a magnificent Lorrayna with 29 points, who won the direct game against Smarzek (22). Noteworthy was the performance of Giulia Gennari, who finished with 10 points and 6 blocks, just like Lohuis on the other side of the net (18 points).


Elena Perinelli (Trasportipesanti Casalmaggiore) – “We had a little problems defensively and they were able to take advantage of that. Now we have suffered the cup game and have to look forward. “It was a very even game, in the fourth set there seemed to be a chance of winning, it was really a very even game.”

Da Silva Llorrayna (Volley Bergamo 1991) – “I’m very happy, we knew it would be difficult and lengthy because Casalmaggiore is a strong team, we had already seen that in the friendlies before the season, but we did well.” This is only the first game and we can still improve a lot, but today we bring important points to Bergamo and a lot of good ideas to work on.”


VBC TRASPORTI PESANTI CASALMAGGIORE – VOLLEY BERGAMO 1991: 2-3 (25-20, 23-25, 23-25, 25-14, 11-15)

VBC TRASPORTI PESANTI CASALMAGGIORE: Avenia 3, Smarzek 22, Lohuis 18, Melandri 6, Acosta 15, Perinelli (K) 4, De Bortoli (L), Faraone, Cagnin 10, Manfredini 1, Obossa 1. Do not enter: Colombo, Davoli ( L), Edwards. All. Musso.

VOLLEY BERGAMO 1991: Gennari (K) 10, Llorrayna 29, Butigan 8, Bovo 7, Davyskiba 9, Rozansky 17, Cecchetto (L), Cicola, Pistolesi 2, Nervini, Pasquino, Fitzmorris 3. Not participating: Scialanca (L), Belussi. Sulfur All.

Set duration: 26′, 31′, 29′, 26′, 17′. Total: 129′

Number of visitors: 1,733

MVP: Da Silva Llorrayna (Volley Bergamo 1991)

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