Bitonto back up, come on! Men’s Serie A: Goal in extremis


The primacy of a Pescara ok 5-3 against Irpinia lasted a day in anticipation of the twentieth day of the Serie A Puro Bio. The Bitonto In less than three minutes, she had already completed the VIP procedure, stunning Lupari with Lucileia and a brace out Renatinha (he will make four). A match virtually never seen, Marzuoli’s girls fly 8-1 at half-time before going into double figures for the second straight game to finish 12-2. A (big) success that allows the neroverdi to return to the top of the championship.


An intermittent turnaround at the end of the women’s Serie A as the four sisters return to winning ways without giving their respective opponents a chance. Such is the case of TikiTaka Francavilla. Who redeems himself comes out of the tunnel of crisis by clearing Fiano Romano: Tampa, former Xhaxho (brace), Leticia Martin Cortes and Xhaxho again brand 5-0 against Lazio Roma. Falconara also wins away: Pato Dal’Maz takes care of the treble in the second half 4-1 against Orange. Ultimately no problem for Pelletterie, who savored the three points with a 5-2 win over bottom-placed Vis Fondi, now on the brink of relegation, with three points to keep Lazio locked in sixth place. In advance Success conceding a goal for the kick, 3-0 in Montemesola against Italcave Real Statte.


This the results of the twentieth matchday of Serie A Puro Bio: Pescara Women-PSB Irpinia 5:3, Molfetta Women-Audace Verona 3:0, Italcave RealSTATTE-Kick Off 0:3, Lazio-TikiTaka Francavilla 0:5, VIP-Bitonto 2 – 12, Rovigo Orange-City of Falconara 1-4, Pelletterie-Vis Fondi 5-2. classification: Bitonto 53, Pescara Female 52, TikiTaka Francavilla 48, City of Falconara 47, Kick Off 36, Lazio 28 and Pelletterie 28, Audace Verona 24, Rovigo Orange 21, VIP 20, Female Molfetta 18, PSB Irpinia 17, Italcave Real Statte 7 , Fondi 1 show.


A double SkyMatch on behalf of the Sicilians. Meta Catania banished the crisis (6 games unsuccessful) with a 4-3 win over Real San Giuseppe in the week that culminated in Tarantino’s dismissal, moving up to -3 from eighth place occupied by Vesuvius. A goal from mvp Pulvirenti was decisive with 8 seconds remainingafter 32″ after the sound of the siren, an unfortunate own goal by Vaporaki, the team from Campania had allowed the 3:3 lead. In the first SkyMatch of PalaCatania, the Regalbuto wins 5-2 over Manfredonia and rises to fourth place in Group C of Serie A2.

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