Boccia, the blues of the Paralympic team in Croatia at the World Boccia Challenger


Under the direction of trainer Giada Zoli, Riccardo Zanella, Diego Gilli, Claudia Targa, Gabriele Zendron, Giulia Marchisio and Mirco Garavaglia compete in the various categories

The Italian Paralympic national boccia team will compete in Croatia at the World Boccia Challenger in Zagreb, scheduled from March 25th to April 2nd. Led by trainer Giada Zoli, assistant trainer Mauro Perrone and head of delegation Vincenzo Santucci, the athletes Riccardo Zanella and Diego Gilli competed in the BC1 category, Claudia Targa in the BC2 category, Gabriele Zendron, Giulia Marchisio and Mirco Garavaglia in the BC3 category . Over 100 athletes from 22 countries took part in the Croatian international event, the preparatory phase of the World Championships for qualifying for the Paralympic Games in Paris 2024. “We continue to work on Paralympic Boccia”, commented Federal President Marco Giunio De Sanctis. “Zagreb is the first of three events among the preparatory events for the Paralympics in Paris 2024. We also have a chance at the next European Championships, which will be held in Rotterdam from August 6 to 14, a continental event for which the three Mirco Garavaglia -Athletes were selected Giulia Marchisio and Riccardo Zanella. And of course we will also have the test event that we will organize in Italy in 2024, which we will have to win to almost certainly go to Paris. It’s very complicated, but we’ll do our best to catch at least one pass,” concluded De Sanctis.

The Blues Rankings

On the eve of the World Boccia Challenger in Zagreb, Garavaglia was 14th in the international ranking for the BC3 category with 46.2 points; while Riccardo Zanella is 24th in the BC1 rankings with 13 points.

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