Brazil coach Corinthians resigns after rape


Just two games for the former Gremio striker on the Paulista bench. The fact dates back to a tour in Switzerland, but he continues to claim he is innocent

Alexi Stival, aka Cuca, was convicted of raping a girl in Switzerland in 1987 while he was a footballer for Gremio and resigned from Corinthians after just two games.

The turning point

The investigations into Cuca in Switzerland have recently taken a turn. Attorney Willi Egloff, representing victim Sandra Pfäffli, said in an interview with the Uol website that the girl recognized Cuca as one of the attackers, while the trainer in the presentation conference at Corinthians instead denied having been recognized by the victim . Egloff also confirmed the information from the Bern newspaper “Der Bund”, which reported at the time that there were biological traces of the Brazilian on the girl. “He was convicted of having sex with a minor,” the attorney repeated.

The case

Cuca was then a Gremio forward, he was 24 years old and was eventually arrested along with his companions Eduardo Hamester, Henrique Etges and Fernando Castoldi for raping the then 13-year-old Sandra Pfäffli. The four players remained in prison for nearly 30 days. Having testified more than once, they returned to Brazil and the preliminary phase of the trial was concluded. Fernando was the first of the players to be paroled on August 27 of the same year. The conviction came two years later, but none of them were arrested.


Despite his rich palmarés as a coach, a libertadores at the helm of Atlético Mineiro (2013), two national championships (2016 with Palmeiras and 2021 with Atlético Mineiro himself), Corinthians’ signing of Cuca had been criticized by the media and partly the organized ones Supporters of the association, especially women. The Corinthians players also made a statement without naming the coach: “Respect the rules minutes (Girl in Brazilian slang), it’s not just a phrase,” they underscored, recalling a motto widely used by the club to denounce the lack of respect towards women. Even sports commentators like Casagrande, a former striker from Ascoli, Turin and Corinthians, have harshly criticized Cuca’s involvement.


After Corinthians’ victory, several players ran to the coach to celebrate qualifying for the Brazilian Cup and were pushed by goalkeeper Cassio, the hero of the game, for saving one of the penalties against Remo. Shortly thereafter, Cuca announced his retirement, which he had already considered on the eve of the game. Corinthians management had said they believed in his innocence, while some players reiterated their faith in the manager.

The vent

After the match, Cuca gave the air to explain his retirement: “Before this dream came true, there were three or four very difficult days for me. Nightmare. What I suffered was almost a massacre. I was very focused on that decision, I did it.” I don’t want to distract. Today I was moved. I’ve been here for five days but everyone has supported me. I didn’t ask for anything but they heard, as a former player, I am what I am. I feel judged and punished over the internet.” The technician said his family had also received threats and insisted on his innocence.

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