Brazilian Football Federation No. 1 Carlo Ancelotti: “He’s the coach for us”


Rodrigues, president of the green and gold football confederation: “He is our plan A.” And then list the alternatives

The President of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), Ednaldo Rodrigues, came back to talk about the candidates for the position of coach of the Brazilian national team in an interview with Band and reiterated his intention to bring Carlo Ancelotti as the next coach of the Brazilian team .

Plan A and alternatives

The veteran Real Madrid coach is therefore sticking to his ‘Plan A’ while key alternatives include Ancelotti Dorival Júnior (currently at San Paolo), Abel Ferreira (Palmeiras) and Fernando Diniz (Fluminense). Ednaldo praised the three technicians but said he had no direct contact with them. “Brazil have several competent coaches who we respect a lot, but we have a plan A and that’s Ancelotti. We have a feeling it will work. I think he has a chemistry with the Brazilian national team: he knows most of them players who have played and play for the national team and he is a fan of Brazilian football.

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