Brescia: defeat at the table and two days behind closed doors


The sports judge did not harm the club after the riots in the play-off against Cosenza that promoted the Lombards to Serie C

Two games behind closed doors at Rigamonti early next season and 0-3 on the table in the play-out game, 1-1 draw on the pitch against Cosenza which meant Brescia’s relegation to Serie C. This is the result of the decision of the sports judge who did not show a hard hand against the Lombard club after the invasion of the pitch and the explosion of extreme violence on June 1st. The company, chaired by Massimo Cellino, invokes strict liability based on the report of the arbitrator Massa and the report of the employees of the federal prosecutor’s office. The punishment came after the dropping of ten smoke bombs, the final game suspension after invading the field and a 25-minute game stoppage due to the clashes between fans and law enforcement officers, injuries and damage to cars. Even some players will have to serve penalties next season: disqualified for three days Fran Karacic (Brescia, put his hands on an opponent’s neck in the tunnel leading to the dressing rooms) and Michele Rigione (Cosenza, still in the tunnel, a slap in the face of a rival). Jakub Labojko (Brescia) and Idriz Voca (Cosenza) are disqualified (suspended, they have been warned).

minutes of madness

Things could have been worse in Brescia after those few minutes of utter madness that saw clashes between a hundred blue and white fans and the police, forcing teams to return to the dressing rooms before play could resume. Following these incidents, four Ultras were arrested.

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