Brescia wins the derby with Lecco


No changes in the starting XI for coach Beltrami, who restarts from captain Boldini diagonally with Obossa, the Cvetni?-Pamio duo as forwards in fourth and central players Torcolacci and Consoli with Scognamillo in the libero role. Lecco, led by Milan, responds with Rimoldi directing and Bracchi opposite, the two bands Lancini and Zingaro, while the central couple consists of Tresoldi and Piacentini, with the free Bonvicini completing the formation.

Evenly matched start to the game with both teams progressing to the top ten point by point. The first break of the game is yellow and black, Beltrami’s girls stretch 16-12 and are brought up in attack by Obossa and Torcolacci. Again the opposite of Brescia and the central number 8 protagonists in attack, then Obossa also places the ace worth 21-16. Boldini with a secondary goal and Consoli with the fast move Millenium closer to conquering the set. Lecco tries to react in the final and returns with Bracchi and Lancini at -2 (23-21). Obossa stops the comeback and takes his teammates to the set point, which is knocked down by Cvetni’s block.

Same formations for the two coaches. The beginning of the second part follows the same line as the previous movement. Beltrami decides to set up Foresi for Boldini. Will Brescia do the first mini-distance again with Cvetni’s ace? and the attack of the usual Obossa (12-10). Another change in Valsabbina’s ranks, with Orlandi being replaced by Pamio. Lecco regains parity with Rimoldi serving for the winning serve of 14. Millenium still carries on with his Obossa-Orlandi, then Cvetni? puts the ball on the floor, which is worth 21-18. Piacentini with the first half and then Lancini drop Oro Cash to -1 (23-22). Leah Cvetni? With a surgical lob, he gave Brescia two chances to end the second set, which was thwarted by Zingaro and a mistake in the Yellow-Blacks’ attack. Lecco doesn’t stop and turns the situation into a 1-1 ball, which is substantiated with Zingaro’s block.

Beltrami confirms Orlandi and restarts Boldini at the start of the third set but no changes for Milan. You don’t lose your balance again in the first part of the set, then Cvetni? he lands an attack first and then the ace for 13-10. Once again the guests manage to get back on par with Lancini’s handout and Piacentini’s first half. Back and forth between centre-backs, Torcolacci scores first half, Tresoldi responds quickly for Lecco, moving up to 21. The final rush sees Valsabbina rise to set point, powered by Obossa (24-22) and Consoli sends the third set towards Brescia.

No change for the two coaches. Millenium on the wings of enthusiasm take an immediate 10-2 lead after winning the third set, with two monster blocks from Torcolacci and two winning attacks from Cvetni?. The Croatian fury doesn’t stop as he lands a lob and an ace, then the Lionesses raise the block first with Orlandi and then Boldini (17-6). Then Beltrami makes the double substitution again and sends Foresi and Ratti back onto the field. Lecco tries to respond with two consecutive points from Zingaro, but the home side respond with two block points first from Torcolacci and then from Foresi (21-10). Again Foresi scores with a second intention touch, finally an ace from Cvetni again? gives the Lionesses a chance to finish the race. Consoli puts down the decisive ball. This is Valsabbina’s fifth win in a row.

MVP of the game is Croatian lioness Lea Cvetnic, author of a complete performance with 19 points, 64% reception, 1 block and 4 aces.


Lea Cvetnic (Valsabbina Brescia)- “Tonight it was important to score as many points as possible – he commented at the end of the game – I risked as much as possible, especially on serve, to help the team achieve their goal. In the next few days we must not underestimate anyone and the really difficult and difficult matches will come in the next few weeks”.

Gianfranco Milano (Coach Orocash Lecco) – “We’re coming from a period that wasn’t productive, with good performances that never materialized, with points that would help us hold our own in the overall standings. That evening too we tried to do our best, this was a test to rediscover our game, but we didn’t manage to complete what we managed to do in the second set ».



VALSABBINA MILLENIUM BRESCIA: Cvetnic 19, Torcolacci 9, Obossa 22, Pamio, Consoli 7, Boldini 3, Scognamillo (L), Orlandi 9, Foresi 2, Ratti, Munarini. Do not enter: Blasi (L), Zorzetto. Herd Beltrami.

OROCASH LECCO: Lancini 9, Piacentini 11, Bracchi 17, Zingaro 10, Tresoldi 6, Rimoldi 2, Bonvicini (L), Albano 2, Citterio 1, Rocca, Belloni, Bassi. All Milan.

ARBITRATOR: Kronaj, Lorenzin.

NOTES – Set Duration: 25′, 28′, 27′, 21′; Total: 101′.

MVP: Lea Cvetnic (Valsabbina Brescia)

Spectators: 300

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