Casalmaggiore wins the final by force


Frantti opens the game, diagonal and 1-0, Bergamo equalizes. The visitors draw to 3:2, but captain Dimitrova hits hard, 3:3, and then overtakes with a block touch, 4:3 vbc. Another big hit from captain Dimitrova, well prepared by Melandri, 5-3. Perinelli places his diagonal, forcing coach Micoli out of the game for the first time, 6-3 Vbc Trasporti Pesanti. Bergamo comes back and equalizes, but Lohuis’ first half sends the team 7-6 ahead, with Dimitrova extending again to make it 8-6. Lohuis’ monster block reaches Lanier, 9-6. Perinelli gives the squad two-digit numbers, diagonal and 10-7. Carlini is cautious and persistent, after several hits and replies she sees the hole in defense and puts the ball in, 11-8. Bergamo shortens with an ace to Frantti, who immediately equalizes, touch out and 12-10, then a big hit from Dimitrova who finds the 13-10. Another comeback from Bergamo but Perinelli misses, all arms and 16-14, then comes Dimitrova’s ace to score 17-14. Another touch from Perinelli and it’s 18-14, time out Bergamo. We return to the field and Lohuis puts the ball between the block and the net, 19-14. Lohuis gives his team 20-15 with a block on Lorrayna, but it’s immediately missed. Tired of the 18:22 in the first half, coach Pistola prefers to slow down and take a time-out. Frantti finds the ball of the set with a handout, 24-20, but the American’s serve at the net breaks it up. Lorrayna sends out 25-21 Vbc.

Lanier opens the second round diagonally, the teams equalize 1:1. The Orobics shove and record 3-1, but Dimitrova shortens, 2-3, Lanier then sends out and equalizes to 3-3. We battle point by point, Captain Dimitrova makes sure he puts his power forward, Perinelli then extends, 7-5, coach Micoli’s time-out. The visitors push and take the lead but Dimitrova lurks there, 8-8, Perinelli then uses the block and extends, 9-8 Vbc. The Orobic Murano Perinelli continues on 9/11 and coach Pistola has to take a break. We return to the field and Dimitrova’s whistle is positive, 10-11, then the same Bulgarian opponent equalizes the score, 11-11. Dimitrova’s rocket from the second, bending Cecchetto’s arms, 12-12, Lanier’s error sends the team 13-12 ahead. Frantti will take care of overtime with a nice powerful diagonal, 14-12. It’s a nice faction, played evenly, Bergamo takes the lead, Dimitrova draw, 15-15. Hands out by Dimitrova, 16-17, piva for frantti in rice. Dimitrova finds Cagnin’s touch and makes it 17-18, Butigan’s error levels the score, 18-18. Bergamo is 20-18, coach Pistola takes a break. Back on the field and captain Dimitrova in second, the gaps narrowed to 19-20, Lorrayna’s error leveled the score. Honey whistles from Dimitrova, 21 all, Gennari then doesn’t go through with Lohuis, 22-21 Vbc. Errors from Bergamo, 23:22, time out for the Orobics, that gets on your nerves. Tired sends off to make it 24-22, ball off set for squad, Lanier pulls out. The captain takes care of it! Very strong diagonal and 25-23.

In the third set it’s Melandri who takes up the dance this time, a mega block by Frantti on Lorrayna after a great save by Granit De Bortoli, 2-0 vbc. Melandri is still thinking about it, blocks Lanier, 3-0, Dimitrova then doesn’t forgive, 4-0, Bergamo time-out. Back on the field, Carlini’s lucky and effective ace, 5-0. De Bortoli makes it 6-3 for Dimitrova, who doesn’t need to be told twice. Melandri’s ace comes in too and uses the tape, 8-4, then Lohuis’ block against Stufi, 9-4. Lorrayna sends and gives the squad double digits, 10-4, then sends again, 11-4 Vbc. Dimitrova folds Cagnin’s hands to make it 12-6. Devastating whistle from Dimitrova, now a set, 13:8, then Lohuis converts his penalty into an empty net, 14:8. Casalmaggiore scores to make it 15:8, coach Micoli has to take a break. But where did Frantti get them!?!?!?!?!? The American stays in the air for an hour and lands her attempt 16-9. Dimitrova passes between the hands of the block and the defense remains petrified, 17-10, then the opposite extends again. Monster block by Melandri, 19-10 Casalmaggiore, Carlini then uses the tape and makes an ace, 20-10 and Frantti forces the Orobic defense with the fourth touch, 21-10. It’s still captain Dimitrova who puts a point on the scorers list, what a player my goodness 22-21, Perinelli then extends his hands, 23-12. Melandri places his block and finds the ball of the game, 24-13, Lohuis closes with his block, 25-13.


Emiliya Dimitrova (Heavy Transport Casalmaggiore)- “I’m really very happy, we played as a team like we’ve been doing lately. We deserved this final, we’ve worked a lot this season, we’ve had a lot of bad luck, but now we want to achieve the goal we set ourselves at the beginning! And then I’m happy to be able to play in front of my family.”

Sofia Turla (Volleyball Bergamo 1991)- « The girls from Casalmaggiore were more precise in some moments and that made the difference. Maybe there was a little fatigue on our side while they were clearer. It was a wonderful championship and now we are very sorry because we would have liked to have finished at home and in front of our fans.”



HEAVY TRANSPORT CASALMAGGIORE: Lohuis 8, Carlini 4, Frantti 7, Melandri 3, Dimitrova 28, Perinelli 9, De Bortoli (L), Piva, Buzzerio. Do not enter: Sartori, Braga (L), Mangani, Malual, Scola. Everything pistol.

VOLLEYBALL BERGAMO 1991: Cagnin 8, Stufi 5, Gennari 3, Lanier 12, Butigan 4, Da Silva 8, Cecchetto (L), May 1st, Bovo 1, Turla’, Frosini. Do not enter: Cicola (L), Partenio. Herd Micoli.

REFEREE: Boris, Simbari.

NOTES – Set Duration: 31′, 30′, 23′; Total: 84′.

MVP: Emiliya Dimitrova (Heavy Transport Casalmaggiore)

Viewers: 1149

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