Catanzaro in B, compliments come too… from Sporting Lisbon.


Catanzaro arrives in B after a championship conquered and dominated. The Portuguese friends also thought of praising Iemmello and his companions.

The Calabrians secured mathematical advancement by winning their Series C group, and now a new adventure awaits. Meanwhile, the party for coach Vivarinu’s team did not only take place on the borders of Calabria, not even on the Italian ones. The compliments for the action come from Portugalespecially from a fanbase. The supporters of Sporty Lisbon have decided to congratulate Catanzaro due to the partnership between the fans.

A banner appeared during the match against the Arouca then ended 1-1 at Sporting, who resumed play and equalized in the 87th minute with a Goncalves penalty. The banner reads “Grande Catanzaro in Serie B”.

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