Champions League, five in the race for two places: the situation


ROME – On the day of Juve penalty The decision of the Federal Court follows a new verdict for the Serie A championship. The -10 inflicted on the black and white indeed opens the doors of Lazio Roma to the Champions League, two rounds before the end of the tournament. With Two spots have already been allocated to Scudetto winners Napoli and Sarri’s Bianconcelesti (Now it only remains to be seen what position they will close in) There are just as many to conquer as there is 180ft left Five teams are still in the running. With the arrival of two teams with the same number of points, the count direct clasheswhile if there are three or more teams finishing the championship with equal points, the separate classification. Here is the situation and calendar of Inter, Milan, Atalanta, Rome (Who can still qualify for the Champions League Winning the Europa League final against Seville) and Juventus.