Chelsea, Pochettino unloads Lukaku: ‘I can’t waste time with him’


The Chelsea manager sums it up, brushing aside Big Roma: “Nothing has changed and I have to focus on what I have. There is an agreement on both sides, it’s not just the club.”

From our correspondent Davide Chinellato


“There is an agreement from both sides, not just from the club.” Mauricio Pochettino returns to talk about Romelu Lukaku, the Belgian striker owned by Chelsea but who remains an unknown for the Blues: he trains alone at the sports center of Cobham, off the first team. And he won’t be considered for reinstatement even now as Chelsea need strikers pending Armando Broja’s recovery, which Pochettino has no intention of giving up on.


“Lukaku’s situation is not the decision of one side,” explains Pochettino, “the situation is the decision of both sides. It’s not just a decision by the club, there is an agreement in which the two sides come about.” was briefed on each player’s situation before signing for Chelsea. And he was very clear. It is clear that nothing has changed and that if there are any changes, this will be communicated. I can’t do anything about it: I have to focus on the team I have and try to improve it. I cannot waste energy in a situation that was already clear before I arrived.

the situation

The clear situation is that Lukaku no longer wants anything to do with Chelsea. And that Chelsea no longer wants to know about Lukaku. The striker has never spoken to Pochettino, he showed up at Cobham to start training in mid-July when the team had already left for the US tour and continues to work separately, waiting for the transfer market to clarify his situation. However, one of the few remaining options, the Arab track, appears to have cooled: Al-Hilal, the club that had long tried to persuade Big Rom to play in the Saudi League and on that basis signed an agreement with Chelsea decided he couldn’t wait any longer for the Belgian and opted for another centre-forward, Aleksandar Mitrovic, whom he officially snapped from Fulham for €47m. The Saudi club, who also signed Koulibaly, are unlikely to come back for Lukaku. The Belgian just has to wait. And continue to train alone at Cobham, away from the first team and Pochettino.

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