Dead Darren Drozdov mourns wrestling


The WWE wrestler died: his career ended 24 years ago due to a very serious accident

Darren Drozdov, known as Droz to wrestling fans, has died at the age of 54. Droz, with a WWE background in the ’90s, was famous for having fought alongside the Legion of Doom (Hawk & Animal) and Prince Albert (Matt Bloom).


His career ended in October 1999 (almost a year after his debut) when he fractured two vertebrae in his neck after slipping during a commercial during a game against D’Lo Brown. After this accident, Droz could never walk again. After the episode, however, he stayed with WWE and worked as a writer and columnist. He has made numerous appearances in several documentaries and in Dark Side of the Ring. This match never aired, but was made famous by the “Don’t Try This At Home” commercial that WWE has featured on its programs for years.

The Calvary

The very serious accident in which he fractured two cervical vertebrae left him paralyzed from the neck down for the rest of his life. Appreciated by backstage, WWE management and those around him, Droz was remembered on the official and social channels of the world’s most important company. A former football player with NFL experience, Droz has never stopped sending positive messages despite being paralyzed for 25 years. “There’s always another day. Just because I’m paralyzed and in a wheelchair doesn’t mean my life is over. Now he’s gone, but his way of dealing with everything remains exceptional.

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