Derby to Naples. But it ends badly. “If you make a mistake, you have to pay”


It shouldn’t end like this. The Nocera Inferiore derby between Real San Giuseppe and Napoli was a show for 40 minutes, tight and even until the end. the leaders won 2-1 thanks to goals from captain Perugino (already the author of a brace against Pistoia in the Italian Cup) and Salas. André Santos’ goal kept everyone in suspense, even if nothing changed in the result. However, a brawl broke out at the end of the game, which was harshly condemned by the leaders of the futsal division.


A bad side for our futsal.” Thus began the harsh press release, a clear and clear stance. “At the end of the Real San Giuseppe-Naples derby, which ended with the away team winning, there was a regrettable brawl behind the sound of the sirens. The futsal division intends to take a clear and unequivocal stand on what happened: an episode that has nothing to do with the values ​​that sport in general needs to convey, least of all with our futsal. Pending clarification through the identification of the culprits, the department strongly condemns what happened in the Pala Coscioni in Lower Nocera: certain images are intolerable and it will not be possible to overlook them“.


In the other games of day eighteen of the regular season, Olimpus Roma and Came Dosson forget their respective eliminations in the first round of the Italian Cup for the Final Four (March 25-26) in Naples. The Blues rule Petrarch 4-2: does everything Marcelinho, author of a torpoker. The people of Treviso thank you again Juan Franz, decisive (double pack) in the 4:3 against Pescara. Gold points at the end for a Ciampino who, thanks to Portuga, makes Pistoia’s rescue fight his own and also for the 360GG Monastir: Arzus 1-0 at Melilli. On Sunday, the postponement between Italservice Pesaro and L84, the other Campania derby between Sandro Abate Avellino and Feldi Eboli, was postponed to a later date.


This the results of the eighteenth day of the regular season: Meta Catania – Fortitudo Pomezia 2-2, 360GG Monastir – Città di Melilli 1-0, Nuova Comauto Pistoia – Ciampino Aniene 2-3, Olimpus Roma – Petrarch 4-2, Real San Giuseppe-Naples Futsal 1-2 Came Dosson-Futsal Pescara 4-3 Italservice Pesaro-L84 29.01. (5.30 p.m.), Sandro Abate – Feldi Eboli postponed. ranking: Napoli Futsal 42, Olimpus Roma* 37, Feldi Eboli 34 and Came Dosson 34, Futsal Pescara 33, Sandro Abate Avellino 31, L84 30, Real San Giuseppe 27, Fortitudo Pomezia 24, Meta Catania 23, Ciampino Aniene 19, Italservice Pesaro 18 , 360GG Monastir 16, Petrarch 15, Nuova Comauto Pistoia 8, City of Melilli 4. *3 penalty points, ** one penalty point.


Serie A Puro Bio never ceases to arouse emotions. The Abruzzo derby between Pescara and TikiTaka Francavilla ends in a throbbing 2-2, a draw that Bitonto likes: Lucileia and co pass Ariano Irpino and 6-3 in one of the three forays of day sixteen of the regular season They hook Francavilla again at the top of the table. Three points as expected for Audace Verona. Who doesn’t have a problem overcoming the vis fondi thing 6-0.

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