The Argentine spoke at an event in EUR: “After such an important year for me, it was incredible to have received all this love.”

When you are born a champion, it is difficult to incorporate simple or mundane decisions into your repertoire. Both on and off the field. Paulo Dybala is proof of that. After arriving in the capital to become the beacon of the Giallorossi game – a mission he successfully accomplished – he never misses an opportunity to make unexpected reflections, even during a public event. This evening it happened again in EUR, during an event organized by Roma and some sponsors. In fact, La Joya did not hide when asked to comment on the José Mourinho-coached team’s start to the season: “We didn’t start well, but I had worse situations and then things went well. I hope she does.” That can happen this time too. The Argentine then concentrates on the goals to be achieved: “It will be a very long season with a lot of games. I hope to be able to arrive in March and have the opportunity to take part in all the competitions. That’s our goal, we have a strong one.” They have become important players and I believe that we have to continue on the path of last year and improve. Unfortunately we were close, but that has to be the spirit of always giving a little more, both in training and during games.”


Speaking of right spirit. The fans who welcomed him as a superstar last year remain unique and inimitable. And Paulo would like to underline this: “On behalf of myself and the team, I would like to thank them for their support. For us this is fundamental. After such an important year for me, it was incredible to have received all this affection because I wasn’t expecting it.” “I barely knew you,” he says, turning to the Roman fans in attendance, “but you got me straight away made you feel at home and that makes it easier to get better on the pitch. I’ve been trying all year to give you something in return for everything you’ve given me. It didn’t take long for us to celebrate, but for me it was an incredible year in every way.” Finally, on the bond with the city: “I have always been in love with Rome since I was a child. I was very far away, I didn’t know it, but from what I saw I really liked it. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world. Both me and my family are doing well here. I try to enjoy it as much as I can by walking and walking around, and I hope I can enjoy it a little longer.

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