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When we found out Immortals of Aveum would be directed by Brett Robbins, Creative Director of Dead Space, we expected a loud but mature production that could tell a deep and multi-layered story. Instead, Ascendant Studios’ first work appears to be inspired by Robbin’s previous work on Call of Duty rather than a space horror, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Having jettisoned our expectations of a single-player epic with an Oscar-worthy narrative, we were left with the Michael Bay-esque crap shooter a big smile on his face.

In an ever-warrior world filled with wizards, mystical lines connecting worlds, and magic that can be used to heal and destroy, You will play the role of Jacka magician unlike most of his peers can use all three colors of magic: red, blue and green. This results in three main weapons, which you will learn how to use as the campaign progresses and which can be upgraded with skill points in the classic tree system. The Blue Magic is the classic single-shot mid-range scout rifle, the Red Magic is the close-range shotgun, and the Green Magic is the high-recoil automatic submachine gun. You have a shield, a lasso that you can use to pick up enemies and send them coming towards you, and a number of other additional skills such as: B. a green vial that slows down objects and enemies, and other fun gadgets that we won’t reveal.

The structure of the game is decidedly linear with Call of Duty style levels, some puzzles where you have to hit the right crystal with the right color at the right time, and some annoying backsteps to get extra money, cosmetics and other power-ups to find. In addition to the main weapons, which have infinite ammo, there are a variety of more powerful spells that consume Your mana bar. A blue one to pierce enemy shields, a red one to deal a lot of damage at close range, and a bunch of others to add variety to combat. To recharge life and mana, there are special crystals that enemies drop that you can activate without penalty. Each level ends with a boss fight that will test your fighting skills without ever posing a real threat, at least at normal level. There are two more difficulty levels: easy and hard.

Immortals of Aveum - a magical shooter that turns off the brain

Immortals of Aveum is an entertaining video game. Make a mess and shoot the bad guys who want to destroy everything and experience a story with some interesting twists, which is sometimes annoyingly slowed down by unoriginal puzzles. The combat almost never goes beyond “hit the red enemy with the red weapon”, the so-called color-matching combat, but once you realize the true nature of this game, those already-seen game design ideas will immediately stop annoying. The graphics are very accurate, the sound and visual effects are detailed, the character models are very refined and, especially in English, The voice acting is spot on even Gina Torres is your mentor.

Immortals of Aveum is a beautiful and highly decorated way to turn off your brain and shoot things. Don’t expect depth and you’ll find in this game familiar but innovative enough mechanics to keep what’s already seen in check and a really well done setting that sets the backdrop for a story that’s neither revolutionary nor trivial . Progression is at its most classic, with new powers being made available to you little by little and increasingly powerful abilities at your disposal They will make you invincible. This is an inherently fun game, but there’s no rush to buy it. If you have Game Pass, just wait a bit for it to be included with EA Play. For everyone else, this is the classic video game heavily discounted on Black Friday. Let Immortals of Aveum free you from thoughts of life with a sea of ​​colorful explosions and crazy enemies, you will be surprisingly satisfied.

Immortals of Aveum - a magical shooter that turns off the brain

– by Riccardo Lichen


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