Fedez denounces haters of his son Leone: death threats after Milan-Frosinone


Little Leone had accompanied Hernandez on the pitch and was attacked on social media: his father at the police station. More disgusting news today

From the promise to act to the facts. Following the shameful hate messages (bordering on threats) on social media against his son Leone – one of the children who accompanied the players at the Milan-Frosinone pregame – Fedez took action and turned to the police to file a complaint, in particular According to He was reportedly accompanied on the pitch by the rapper's son.

Fedez, in turn, published the photo of the file opened in the Postal and Communications Police Cybersecurity Operations Center of Lombardy with the corresponding complaint and then wrote on Instagram: “I am fully aware that there is this group of fans” on Twitter who like to joke about do my pancreatic cancer and wish me dead, but keep doing it because I honestly don't give a shit. But as soon as you touch my children you have a problem guys, you have a pretty big problem and you will realize it, don't worry. Then I will give you the first and last name of that person and those who answered that they would shoot my son.

A disgrace that obviously has no end. Even today, there is a user from a hater profile on X who wishes that Leone would “get a tumor in her right lung.” Fedez responded like this: “Would you be so brave as to tell me your first and last name? Or will we continue to be cowards behind a screen?”

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