Ferrari, hacker attack: “We will not pay the ransom”


The Maranello company has suffered the theft of some of its customers’ contact details: “We immediately informed the competent authorities and we are confident that the investigation will be carried out.”

Ferrari under fire. And this time Red Bull has nothing to do with it. The Maranello home has indeed suffered a cyber attack with a ransom demand for the contact details of some of its customers. The news was released by Ferrari itself late in the evening after informing the relevant authorities.

the note

The press release states: “In accordance with its corporate policy, Ferrari will not accept ransom demands, as agreeing to such demands would fund criminal activity and allow the perpetrators of the threats to continue their attacks.” Therefore, no intention to give up, even if the worst hack (but not the first) Ferrari has suffered.

informed customers

However, Ferrari’s operations were not blocked, partly because the blackmail request does not affect the company’s regular business. However, customers were immediately notified of the incident. The company “immediately launched an investigation in collaboration with a world-leading cybersecurity company. In addition – he explains – we have informed the competent authorities and we are sure that they will do everything in their power to carry out the investigations”. He then adds: “Ferrari takes the issue of customer confidentiality very seriously and understands the importance of what has happened. We have worked with experts to further strengthen our systems, which we believe are robust.”

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