Frattesi at Inter, that’s how Marotta stole him from Milan


There is the OK of Sassuolo. The midfielder in Nerazzurro for 33 million. sign today

Philip Conticello

A sudden and adventurous overtaking, but which was also thought out before the last corner and carried out with a certain certainty. Inter had wanted Davide Frattesi for some time but only decided to deal the decisive blow to the Sassuolo midfielder on Monday night when the two clubs were back in touch and had laid their cards open. The blitz to defeat the competition, first and foremost Milan, ended yesterday when the Nerazzurri really began to fear that the long-loved boy might escape at the finest moment. The way the midfielder approached the Nerazzurri until he almost touched them with his hand was above all the result of an iron will and a precise order: from the first minute of this negotiation, Davide chose Simone Inzaghi’s side as his favourite . It has always been considered the ideal formation to reinforce him in a three-man midfield, which is a treasure for midfielders like him. And he hasn’t changed his mind, even in the face of the wait-and-see attitude of Zhang’s club, which the company mandates must always sell before buying. Frattesi continued to feel like an interista while Milan decided to make serious inquiries about him earlier this week and in the last few hours, while Napoli made Sassuolo an offer on Monday that he repeated yesterday, altogether higher than that of 33 million total submitted by Inter. And without forgetting Rome watching from afar thanks to the 30% on the same resale that could have become an additional weapon compared to the competition. Or Juve’s possible throwback to the first day of the Giuntoli era: In this hectic beginning of July, information was also obtained from Continassa. In short, the iron pact between the Nerazzurri and Frattesi has held despite the usual diversionary tactics, the smoke screen created by both clubs for days and also the top plan B designed for Inzaghi named Lazar Samardzic. The 21-year-old left-handed German-Serbian Udinese player continues to delight Inter managers and coaches and has represented a high-level option to protect should the main project, the Sassuolo blue, fail. And yesterday he carried out the final crackdown, giving the Emilians permission for a onerous loan of 5 million with a repayment obligation of 22 million, which was due to take effect in February 2024. So in the cauldron, a young talent owned by the Nerazzurri and who would have gone to Sassuolo anyway: Samuele Mulattieri, valued at 6 million overall after a good season on loan at Frosinone. The total is 33, slightly fewer than the CEO. Carnevali thought he could make money (nearly 10 head to Rome anyway), but the word ‘auction’ is avoided by all parties in the comedy.

The Lightning

Yesterday at lunch, in a restaurant in the Brera area, a meeting between the Neroverde manager and AC Milan took place as planned: the CEO del Diavolo Giorgio Furlani had assumed that his company would not go crazy and so it happened . In the game, the Rossoneri could only see that the gap was now unbridgeable, also given the Cousins’ acceleration. It didn’t all happen by accident the day after the Brozo soap opera ended: without too much regret, Inter sent the Croatian, seduced by a three-year deal with Al-Nassr, to Saudi Arabia. As originally agreed, managing director Beppe Marotta and sports director Piero Ausilio would have liked to collect 23 million from the sale of the bizarre Croatian, but in the end they had to settle for 18 million Appearance cooled Inter’s goals on Frattesi: In the logic of rigorous self-financing, they could Millions fewer inflows will also result in millions fewer outflows. However, this time it wasn’t due to the player’s strategic importance and the memory of some past pranks, see under Bremer. Here’s the last high-energy snapshot from yesterday on a feverish day in Viale della Liberazione: There was a coming and going of agents and managers at headquarters. First Mulattieri’s agent Paolo Busardò ensured the striker left for Emilia, and then followed a two-hour visit from Beppe Riso, who had placed Sandro Tonali at Newcastle. details the transfer of another valuable part of his agency.

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For Frattesi, the next 16 Nerazzurri (the same number as Sassuolo), a five-year contract worth 2.8 per season and the idea of ​​having medical tests between tomorrow and Friday. To get to the signing, the final paperwork is needed, with the definition of the bonus items totaling five million already decided and the exact percentage for a possible future resale (between 10 and 20%) that Sassuolo wants to keep for itself ). Only details before the signing do not seem to be in question, as Riso reiterated as he left Nerazzurri HQ: “We are very close, the clubs will reach an agreement now and only a few details are missing.” Davide was him is very keen on us, his preference is always: “It was Inter and we are happy,” he said at the end of the evening when Inter’s overtaking maneuver had been completed for some time. And as in the case of Marcus Thuram, exploiting the time factor, which is crucial in recent Inter events.

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