Frosinone Genoa to win Nexus Cup at Stirpe


The protagonists of an amazing and exciting season that unsurprisingly culminates with the expected direct promotion to Serie A, Frosinone and Genoa have not yet finished fighting and dreaming. You can also win first place in the table, which is worth the coveted trophy of the Lega Serie B: the Nexus Cup. This will be a special edition, among other things, since it will be updated with the colors of the tricolor that characterize the Italian championship and will reaffirm the principles of the league based on the promotion of young people and territories.

DIFFERENT FORMATS – Identification will be? awarded to the top of the table (For Frosinone, not losing is enough to secure primacy) and in slightly inferior formats against the runner-up and playoff winner. The name “Connection” has several explanations: why? winning a championship and? an eternal recognition of a club’s history as eternal as Latin, the language from which that word comes, and why? as the term suggests, “Connection”, represents a union between all cities? the championship that unites the whole country. “The trophy for a club represents the grandeur of a season – explains the president Mauro Balata – of hardships, joys and disappointments. Is that why we wanted the trophy to be awarded to identify more and more? with our championship, what is it? the Italian championship by inserting the colors of our national flag. The production of this mug comes from the story of an Italian talent, that is? established in the world, we also hope that the many young people we train every year will become the protagonists of the international stage in the near future”.

DETAILS – The whole trophy and? obtained by removing milling and cutting, like a sculpture carved from the block full of green materials, as performed on latest generation machines with low power consumption 80% its supply from renewable sources. After all, there are no welding welds and other energy-intensive applications in the construction process.

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