Futsal, stop for Feldi: Napoli now have a clear path


Lost fourth derby against Eboli with Real San Giuseppe now leading -4. The blue leaders score against all of their direct opponents

The fourth-to-last matchday of the regular season could prove crucial in the race for the Futsal Serie A regular-season supremacy. The anticipation success of Napoli at the end is very difficult, none of the direct opponents react to the Azzurri: the first to fall was Pescara, who was defeated 6-2 in the duel on the Cercola summit. Olimpus Roma had drawn, Feldi even lost.


Salvo Samperis Volpi, who was leading 3-2 at half-time in the Nocera Inferiore derby, was knocked over by the indigestible Real San Giuseppe, who had won the previous three seasons: Cesaroni corrected the result and the game ended with the move of the Goalkeeper decided Fausto Scarpitti’s set and Dian Luka’s definitive 4-3 at 22” from the sound of the siren. Feldi Eboli now at -4 from Naples, Olympus Rome at -5, Pescara at -6. If there are three rounds left at the end of the regular season, Napoli Futsal is practically paved the way.


Exciting 3-3 in Dosson where Sandro Abate Avellino came back with Gui at the last minute. A tie that brings Treviso and Irpinia closer to the postseason anyway. Who gets dragged into the scudetto playoff battle is the L84. The Division Cup champions are collapsing under the blows of current team Fortitudo Pomezia, who take their win streak to five in a row with an 8-0 win at PalaLavinium but most importantly return to the playoffs ahead of Meta Catania (ok advance vs Petrarca) and Ciampino Aniene, the latter having moved out of the playout zone after beating 360GG Monastir 5-2 in the round. Pistoia doesn’t give up: It beats bottom side Melilli for the first time and keeps alive any hopes of rescue to get hit in the playouts.


These are the results of the fourth to last day of Serie A New Energy: Napoli Futsal-Pescara 6-2, Italservice Pesaro 2-2, Meta Catania-Petrarca 5-2, Ciampino Aniene-360GG Monastir 5-2, Nuova Comauto Pistoia- Città di Melilli 7-4, Real San Giuseppe-Feldi Eboli 4-3, Fortitudo Pomezia-L84 8-0, Came Dosson-Sandro Abate Avellino 3-3. Ranking: Napoli Futsal 56, Feldi Eboli 5-2, Olimpus Roma* 51, Futsal Pescara 50, Sandro Abate Avellino and Came Dosson 47, L84 42, Fortitudo Pomezia 40, Meta Catania 39, Real San Giuseppe** and Ciampino Aniene 37, Italservice Pesaro 31, 360GG Monastir 26, Petrarca 25, Nuova Comauto Pistoia** 20, City of Melilli 4. *3 penalty points, ** one penalty point.

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