Garcia, one month until Napoli’s restart: trust in the time


The championship games against Udinese, Lecce and Fiorentina as well as the Champions League game against Madrid must mark the turning point. Tudor on pole is likely to miss the technician

Maurizio Nicita


– Naples

A strange coincidence of chirping occurs that is in some ways disturbing, at least when you look at things from Rudi Garcia’s perspective. On Sunday evening, President De Laurentiis wrote in a timely tweet that was not understood by everyone: “Napoli starts again in Bologna. Well done to everyone.” A way to give the environment a signal of compactness and also support for the trainer. He wrote a similar concept at the end of November 2019 after qualifying for the round of 16 of the Champions League: “Well done by the coach and well done by our players. With Ancelotti and with this team, two wins and a draw against a super champion Liverpool.” Less than two weeks later, Carletto was fired.


Now, it’s not like a movie producer repeats the same scripts, but there’s no doubt that if the results don’t change, Garcia’s position will also be at risk. Ancelotti paid for the dismissal because the president feared losing qualification for the future Champions League, which was the case with Gattuso despite winning the Italian Cup. Perhaps history won’t repeat itself, but now Garcia’s time will be limited with four games left before the October international break. And in three games against Udinese, Lecce and Fiorentina, Napoli must regain positions in the standings while also getting a result against Ancelotti’s Real Madrid to stay on the path to securing qualification for the last 16 of the Champions League.

de Laurentiis reflects

He is not satisfied with the team’s performance, but at the same time he does not act impulsively and tries not to talk to anyone after the games, knowing his fiery character. At the same time, the president is a decision maker, and if he sees things going badly, he will not waste time taking action. He hasn’t started casting yet, partly because he would never admit it, but he is starting to look at some situations with interest. Antonio Conte is free but seems unconvinced by Napoli and at the same time the president sticks to the idea of ​​wanting to continue on the basis of the 4-3-3. However, the game system does not become dogma from the moment it would be necessary to intervene – in the case of Garcia’s lack of results – to shake up the group. A shock that should be more mental than technical and tactical. And in this sense, the attention is on the figure of Igor Tudor, who performed well as a substitute both in Verona and last season in Marseille. The fact that he prefers a three-man defense would not be a limitation. And then, as a technician, the Croatian knows how to be flexible. Among those heard at the casting in June is Christophe Galtier (who could go to Marseille), to whom De Laurentiis chose Garcia. We will see. In the meantime, there is hope that Napoli can get back on their feet quickly with Rudi.

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