Gilardino: “Me, Genoa, Retegui, Gudmundsson and…”


The Grifone coach: “In the best case scenario, I will give Retegui to Italy. Gudmundsson? I made him explode by giving him freedom. I’m not afraid to let young people play, they deserve it.”

One year as Grifone. Alberto Gilardino reached the finish line of his first twelve months at the helm in Genoa yesterday, with gentle descents and a few hairpin turns, but one gets the impression that he sees himself as a coach who is constantly evolving. In the sense that he sets a budget – a year is enough time – but the eternal search for practical, beautiful, productive and never speculative football makes him not to look back too much. However, there is a promotion to Serie A with record numbers in the middle and we have to start from there.

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