Gimnasia La Plata-Velez, match odds and prediction


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Balanced odds in La Plata, discover the prediction

For the main bookmakers, neither team was on the field at “Juan Carmelo Zerillo“It really starts with the underdogs, both the Character 1 that the Sign 2 At the ninetieth level they average 2.60 on the board.

The La Plata Gym in the last three games played and lost against Talleres Cordoba (3-0), colon (2-0) e Independent (2-1) has always conceded at least two goals. At this meeting “Combinations“, which links the double chance X2 with the multigol 1-3, multiplies the bet by 2.10, while the Multigoal guest 1-2 results in odds of 1.55.

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