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The Georgian star of the Napoli tricolor speaks about himself on the eve of the new championship: “A city crazy about the Scudetto: we will try to win again…”

From our correspondent Vincenzo D’Angelo

– castel di sangro (aq)

Behind that shy smile lies the simplicity of a normal boy living in an extraordinary state. In Castel di Sangro everything speaks of him: from the thousands of shirts with the number 77 lining up outside the stadium in search of an autograph, to the posters paying homage to Naples, the Italian champions. But Khvicha Kvaratskhelia does not get upset, he has not changed an iota since the day he first set foot on the planet Naples. If anything, the blue people’s love for him has changed: limitless, limitless, overwhelming. Kvara was the man of revolution, a Masaniello of football capable of overcoming any type of security in Serie A. He showed that you can win in Naples without Maradona, that you can dominate in Italy even in the south, that you can dominate in Europe It can be an example even if you don’t have tattoos and your haircut is not in the latest fashion. Khvicha is the normal par excellence. So in private life. Because on the field it is a completely different world, consisting of feints, evasive maneuvers, tunnels, pirouettes, assists and goals. At Rivisondoli retreat there is colleague/interpreter Salome Kharatishvili who acts as a bridge between our curiosity and the magical world of Kvara. He looks like the friend next door: an anti-star with still dreamy eyes and a love of surprises.

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