“He took my hand and put it there”


BARCELONA, SPAIN) – “Several times I asked him to stop and let me out”. This, according to the online version of La Vanguardia, the version given to the police by the 23-year-old accused of sexual assault Daniel Alvesarrested in Barcelona and is now in prison after the investigating judge issued a preliminary arrest warrant against him.

The girl version

In her account to investigators the girl gave your own version about what happened the night of last December 30th at a Barcelona nightclub where she claims to have been sexually harassed by the 39-year-old Brazilian full-back ex Juventus. The young woman, who is still declaring “La Vanguardia”, said she was approached by Alves, who whispered something in her ear after offering her a drink incomprehensible sentences (“he must have said them in portuguese”) and grabbed my hand twice to place it on his genitals.

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Stuck in the bathroom

After withdrawing her hand both times, the girl would then have been told by the footballer to follow him past a door: “I thought there was another VIP area” the woman explained to the police, who instead found themselves with the footballer in a small bathroom. She assures that she immediately told him she wanted to go out, but after closing the door, the footballer started swearing at her: “I fought back, but he was much stronger than me” is the story of the girl who would eventually be beaten and raped before she was allowed out. Tried it from last weekend in prison Meanwhile, according to the Spanish press Daniel Alves (which has since happened three different versions of the incident) had asked to be heard by the judge again.

Sensational, Dani Alves has been arrested!

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Sensational, Dani Alves has been arrested!

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