Heidi’s father’s words anger Signorini


voltage Big Brother after the entry of Father of Heidi Baci in the most spied on house in Italy. The man visited his daughter and warned her about his relationship Massimiliano Varrese. “I came here because I love you. Your poor choice has amazed us. Mom and I are shocked and devastated. You and a man who is older than me and about to retire – said the man – For us it was a dagger in the heart. I do not recognize you anymore. You don’t look like you used to. You couldn’t build a wall a person who puts you under stress. From this moment on, mom won’t look at you anymore. I’m here because I won’t let anyone treat my daughter badly. I will not allow anyone to trample on your dignity. And then: “I’m also thinking about your mother’s health. I promised her I’d take you home tonight. Don’t underestimate their condition. You made a lot of mistakes.” This man put pressure on you and ruined your game“.