“If he wins a Slam, are we going to make him a saint?”


sinner He is on the crest of a wave. The triumph at the ATP 500 in Beijing, the 4th place in the world rankings and the qualification for the finals in Turin, the moment is golden for Jannik, who has now fought his way into the round of 16 in Shanghai, where he will challenge Shelton. The tennis legend also commented on the South Tyrolean’s great form phase Adriano Panatta: “The fact that he reached my record doesn’t bother me, I don’t always think about it. In fact, I can’t wait for him to win Rome, Paris and the Davis Cup in a row, so you won’t “don’t call me anymore”he told La Domenica Sportiva. “He is a very good boy and tennis player, I am sure he will win a lot”he added.