In the Muriel-Mariani case, the appeal against the Atalanta forward was dismissed


The appeal of the FIGC prosecutors against the acquittal of the attacker who wrote a message against the Atalanta Napoli referee via social media was dismissed

The Federal Court of Justice, chaired by Mario Luigi Torsello, has dismissed the appeal by the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office against the acquittal of Atalanta striker Luis Muriel for the controversial statements made against referee Maurizio Mariani.

The Muriel Controversy

On January 27, the Federal Court acquitted Muriel, who had been sued for expressing a verdict on Instagram at the end of the Atalanta-Naples game that was detrimental to the reputation and reputation of the referee Mariani and the entire arbitration institution. played on November 5, 2022 and valid for the 13th day of the Serie A championship. This match had been won by Napoli 2-1 and the referee’s final whistle had provoked protests from the Atalantini because, according to the Nerazzurri, it had arrived earlier recovery allowed. Hence Muriel’s sarcastic comment on social media: “If you have to whistle at 6pm, don’t put dinner at 8pm that doesn’t have time to arrive,” the Colombian wrote.

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