Inter-Udinese | Sottil: “Something is missing. 4 against 2 you have to score goals”


The Juventus coach spoke to Sky about the game that just ended. Below are the statements on another defeat.

6 points in the second round. Unable to win more, Udinese once again took a step away from the feat and then broke up. Fatal error by Success 4 vs 2 which gave the Nerazzurri the restart from which the goal of Mkhitaryan. At the end of the game, the Juventus coach spoke Andrea Sotil. Here are his words Heaven.

“We allowed the restart because we had to Points 4 against 2. We played a great game, unlocked by a very dubious penalty. In the second half, Inter started strong but the boys held out without suffering too much. Then came the error in numerical superiority, which was the chance to get out here with the three points. It hurts to see these images, especially the team who are able to play a game at the highest level from all angles.”

Have you discussed the situation with Director Marino?

We said to management that we have to play game by game and then we’ll see where we are at the end. this is that our goal. I think Udinese showed again tonight that they want to be hero the championship. He played football. In the second half, in a moment of strong Inter power, I used a striker to get us up because I was convinced that with so many men in attack we could exploit the counterattacks. And so it was, but then we don’t meet. ebosse He’s got a slightly sprained knee, we have to evaluate the entity“.

What has changed since then?

In the first leg it was one different game. Then the teams grow and improve. Udinese played a great game today but there weren’t many episodes compared to the first leg. We took the field, pressed. This is significant. Then the games are always different. Just look at the Inter squad, the player picking options they have. But if track records, or decide to pass it on to Beto or Lovric, we speak differently. The difference is in the quality.”

“I agree with you (Condò ed). We carry out analyzes every day, but we don’t manage to make a breakthrough. The team always offers important performances. We play a lot of balls into the opponent’s penalty area. Unfortunately, the players don’t.” arrive in front. Goal. Something is missing. Also today I smiled with regret in the face of a restart that 9 times out of 10 is a goal. Don’t collect nothing hurts My job is to keep working and prepare for next week’s game against Spezia.”

About success and its moment

Success? Never in his career has he played as much as this year. It also has extended the contract. Always playing. If he doesn’t start, he’ll always take over as the protagonist. Today he worked very hard, but he wasn’t precise in the decisive actions. He is a quiet boy, works harmoniously, enjoys everyone’s trust. No need to work on his head“.

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