Introduction of the new cistern


CISTERN OF LATINA (LATINA) – Cisterna Volley, the club that will take part in the next Superlega championship, has been officially presented. The expansion of the corporate base has allowed the entry of new entrepreneurial forces expressing the territory and has given the project the necessary stability to be competitive in the Superlega. Luigi Iazzetta, an entrepreneur from Cisterna, is President of Cisterna Volley, the Vice-Presidents are Cristina Cruciani and Gianluca Donadel, while Massimo Marini is Honorary President. The other managing directors are: Marco Sciscione, Paolo Cruciani, Noemi D’Andrea and Marco D’Andrea. The team, which is not final until other shareholders join, will be led by Managing Director Gianrio Falivene. The championship begins on October 22 and Cisterna Volleyball will make its debut at the Cisterna Arena against Trento, the reigning Italian champions team.