“Is the Champions League an obsession for me? No, she’s something special”


MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM)Pep Guardiola, Manchester City manager, commented on Prime Video’s entry into the Champions League final after beating Real Madrid (4-0). Here are his words: “It doesn’t happen often that I get to the Champions League final, I’m very happy. It’s the second time in three years, now we’re preparing for Sunday’s game, which will be useful for winning the championship, and then we’ll think about the Champions League”.

Guardiola: “Champion obsession? No, that’s something special. Now let’s think about the final.”

“The Champions League is not an obsession, it is something special, we know it is a difficult competition. We had a great game, especially in the first half, while in the second half we didn’t have the right pace so much. But we’re in.” The final. The kisses? They were for Grealish. Because at that moment you couldn’t pace anymore, the game had to stop and Grealish understood and did it.”

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