“It didn’t work around the ball against Juve. But in defence…”


TURIN“We knew what kind of game awaited us and that they were waiting for us deep near the penalty area, we were looking for holes even if the ball was circulating slowly. It’s a shame because the goal steered the game and scored 0-0 at half time was important”. Patrick This is how he comments on Lazio Style Channel’s elimination from the Italian Cup against Juve. A crucial header from Bremer. Biancocelesti at home and Bianconeri in the semis. The Spaniard continued: “Defensively we were good, we didn’t concede much. That goal gave him confidence, for us it was important to score first because it would have given us space.” Too bad, we took care of this competition. Now the head has to go to Verona. At the application level, we made the game. I think we played like we should, we conceded little or nothing, the goal changed the game. I’m fine, for a few weeks I’ve regained muscle tone in the leg where I injured myself, I’m at the coach’s disposal”.

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