Italy in the game against Romania


The first blue formation of Europeans looks on the field Orro in the direction with Antropova diagonally, Sylla and Pietrini top players, Lubian and Danesi in the middle and Fersino free. Romania responds with Axinte as setters, Inneh as opponents, Budai-Ungureanu and Raisa as top players, Buterez and Virlan as middle players, and Albu as libero.

First set with the blue right in front. An ace from Lubian gives us a 10:5 lead, a block from Danesi increases the blue lead (13:7). Italy are always focused but Romania doesn’t give up and relies on Adelina Ungureanu, who knows our league, to be able to keep up with ours. Egonu’s effort (Mazzanti’s double substitution with Bosio dribble) doesn’t have the necessary effect and the score becomes more even (19-15). Once the rotation is over, Orro and Antropova return to the field. Degradi makes his debut for the national team and immediately scores an important point (21-15). Squarcini is also on the field. The end of the part is colored blue. Sylla takes the winning point with a nice diagonal that closes the half-time goal (25-19).

In the second set, Romania started with greater focus and determination, keeping up with the Azzurri in the early stages (5-5). Two sovereign blocks (Danesi and Antropova) and a lob from Sylla pave the first furrow in our favor (9-5). An ace from Antropova puts us at 13-7. Nwakalor scores his first European point (14-7). Bosio was also on the field when Italy ran away to make it 2-0. Degradi takes Pietrini’s place and delivers an instant winner, widening the gap in our favor (19-11). Romania reacts and shortens the distance thanks to a block and an ace (20-15). Final with some worries for Mazzanti’s girls, but then Degradi put things in order with a spectacular three-metre shot to secure the crucial point (25-19).

Demoted in place in the first sextet of the third set in place of Sylla. The Romanians surprise us at the start (3-5) but a bombshell from Lubian on serve brings us back to a draw (5-5). Italy places the arrow and goes forward. Antropova from the second row gives us a 7:5 lead. It’s not the crucial distance (7-7). A few mistakes too many by the Azzurri kept Romania going again thanks to a bomb hit by Ungureanu (9:10). Degradi signs the new blue lead (11-10). Nwakalor and Bosio are back but Italy’s game is less incisive at this stage than it was in the first two sets. An ace with the help of Degradi’s ribbon puts us back two ahead (14-12). Three consecutive points from Nwakalor, two dunks and a powerful block puts us at +4 (17-13). Our national team flies in the closing stages (20-14) then (23-15) with a shot from Antropova. Catwalk also for Omoruyi and Parochial instead of Degradi and Fersino. A mistake in the Romanian field justifies the 25:15 and the blue 3:0.


Davide Mazzanti (Italy Coach) – “It wasn’t an easy game. However, there were many positive points. There was a lack of consistency because sometimes it wasn’t easy in our games in an arena like this. During the game, we weren’t able to adapt well in this regard. Nonetheless, it was an unforgettable evening. I was already excited before I got to the arena. Tonight we played a little slow volleyball compared to practice this morning. We didn’t find the right chemistry and that caused us to slow down the game. This week was very difficult because my aunt who should have been here passed away. Today the whole family was present in the stands and when I greeted them at the beginning I gave in. In fact, even now that I’ve said goodbye to them. It was one emotion after another. We hold tight to the emotions of that evening and the amazing crowd that supported us throughout the game.”

Ekaterina Antropova (Italy)- “I experienced a mixture of emotions. It’s incredible to play in the arena, plus the debut of the national team. Thanks to the help and trust of my teammates, I broke the ice immediately. I started well, we can always do better, but I’m happy with our game. I always tend to judge my mistakes and not what I did well, but the result comforts me. I found out today that I’ll be in the starting XI as I’ve been training from the opposite side these days and so everything went well. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time and I have to thank everyone for this opportunity. Best memory of that evening? the entry into the field and the notes of the national anthem ».


ITALY 3-0 ROMANIA (25-19, 25-19, 25-15)

ITALY: Sylla 5, Lubian 9, Orro, Pietrini 2, Danesi 6, Antropova 13, Fersino (L). Bosio, Nwakalor 5, Egonu, Squarcini. Ne Parish, Omoruyi. Herds of Mazzanti.

ROMANIA: Varlan 2, Axinte 1, Ungureanu 11, Raisa 2, Inneh 7, Buterez 6. Albu (left). Veres, Albu, Roman, Miclaus. Ne Ariton, Radu, Matei, Zadorojnai. Coach Narranjo Hernández.

Referees: Marie Catherine Boulanger (BEL) and Michail Koutsoulas (GRE).

Duration: 22′, 25′, 25′ Total: 72′

Viewers: 9358 viewers.

Italy: a 6, sl 12, m 4, age 24.

Romania: a 1, bs 14, m 3, et 30.

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