Juve-Inter always ends in chaos. But it is Del Piero who triumphs


Juve-Inter or Inter-Juve depending on where you play, it’s always a poisoned game as evidenced by the 5 dismissals in the last two games. The brawl in the stadium was indecent. But this time, for much of the game, nothing pointed to the fiery finale, with a tumultuous appendage in the dressing room. Played on a razor’s edge by the two teams who were much scared, the game switched registers with eight minutes to go. Cuadrado broke the balance but it was Inter who fought to the end and equalized at the last breath, condemning Bremer’s error that caused the seventeenth straight penalty converted by Lukaku, angry at the vulgar insults, rained down from the stands. Romelu put his finger to his mouth to silence the protesters and was expelled from the country; Leao also followed a similar script in Naples last Sunday, but had not been warned: It was urgent that Rocchi explain to his followers what standards should be used in these cases, otherwise the pit will erupt.