Juve Markt, Di Maria and possible confirmation: He can run out of trophies


The Argentine’s family is happy in Turin. Fideo’s contract expires at the end of the season: staying in Europe would allow him to finish at the top of the 2024 America’s Cup

Angel Di Maria first and foremost, regardless of what happens off the pitch at the end of the season. Juventus don’t know yet if they will play the 2023-24 European Cup but they are ready to overcome the delay to extend Fideo’s contract which expires in June. One more year, as planned for the summer, to guarantee Massimiliano Allegri the class of the 35-year-old world champion in the next championship. The Argentine’s 2023 start, arriving on a free transfer from Paris Saint Germain in July, put Continassa out of doubt. Starting with the physical issues that held the Rosary back before the break. The Juventus project does not change and in the future the lady will always be younger, Italian and sustainable. But leaders and champions are also needed to guide talented youngsters under the age of 25.

After Danilo’s extension to 2025 was formalized, the Juventus managers go “on attack” for the Di Maria. Negotiations will start shortly and, according to filters from Argentine sources, the conditions are good. The former PSG makes the difference on the pitch (7 goals and 7 assists) and feels very comfortable in Turin. To reinforce optimism, there is a common alignment. Juventus want to anticipate and ban Fideo, also at the cost of having to make further sacrifices in the event of non-qualification for the next Champions League. And Di Maria from the first informal conversations did not close the possibility of remaining in black and white with big ears even without the cup’s showcase. In football, everything can change quickly, except for the signatures. For this reason too, the CEO Maurizio Scanavino, the manager of the sports area Francesco Calvo and the sports director Federico Cherubini do not want to waste any time and take advantage of the favorable wind.

Angel seems to see a return to beloved Rosario Central a little further away at the moment. Credit to the sentiment established with Juventus – from teammates to fans – despite the club’s complicated period. But the playmaker’s family also agreed to stay in Turin for another year and had a great time under the mole. Mrs. Jorgelina and the two girls have fallen in love with the promontory of the city where they live (among Di Maria’s neighbors there is also Vlahovic), and they also appreciate Turin’s discreet and reserved nature. Not to mention the possibility of both to reach the mountains as well as the sea quickly – even in one day. Aspects that carry an important weight in the assessments of Di Maria, who last summer took more than a month to choose Juventus precisely because he wanted his wife to be convinced of the solution. “Juve is a great club. My family is happy in Turin and so am I. We’re fine here,” the number 22 has said twice publicly, but most importantly, Angel repeated the same sentiments to Continassa in private.

After all, Di Maria played for the best clubs in Europe (Benfica, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Psg, Juventus) and won an impressive 32 trophies, including the most important: the Champions League at the time of Real Madrid and the World Cup with Argentina. The latter gave him unique sensations. Fideo has his sights set on the 2024 Copa America more than the next champions who would also rather play (and it’s not yet said he can’t succeed with Juventus) Di Maria wants to see the competition, already won in 2021, as champions in the ruling world . And he knows very well that he needs a season at a top European club for a call from coach Scaloni. A flashback from Barcelona or Atlético cannot be ruled out a priori, even if the current most concrete survey comes from the USA and Beckham’s Inter Miami, but in this case it would mean having to change the family’s habits again and only for twelve months in anticipation of returning home by summer 2024.

What the Juventus and Di Maria entourage haven’t discussed yet – but will soon do – is the economic aspect. Alla Continassa, who wants to quit smoking before the end of the season, must consider the risk without being the rich income associated with the Champions League. A small sacrifice from Di Maria is possible but not obvious (he currently earns 6 million plus bonuses). In the event of an extension, the tax breaks provided for in the growth decree could remedy the situation.

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