Juve-Zaniolo: The track is still alive. Also like Frattesi


The former Roma playmaker, now at Galatasaray, has once again landed on new management’s radar alongside the Sassuolo midfielder

Juventus don’t yet know if they will play in the Champions League next year or not. But at Continassa they don’t stand still. In fact, talks between the new manager of the sports sector Francesco Calvo, the sports director Federico Cherubini and the closest collaborators continue. The orientation, according to the filters of the last talks, remains the rejuvenation and Italianization of the squad.

It’s no coincidence that the name of Davide Frattesi, the 23-year-old Sassuolo midfielder in coach Roberto Mancini’s national team, always tops the list of reinforcements for 2023-24. But there’s also another former Roman who’s always in vogue in Juventus circles: it’s Nicolò Zaniolo, who has been touched by the lady on multiple occasions in the past and joined Galatasaray (22m with bonuses) in the last Transfermarkt session . The adventure in Turkey has only just begun – Nicolò has also scored in a friendly – but Juventus (and not only them) are keeping their antennas up. Compared to before and the lack of Roma-Juve white smoke in previous summers, there is one difference in particular: Zaniolo in Turkey has a release clause (35 million) but the number will automatically decrease with each transfer market session. The Bianconeri, waiting to hear if they will play the Cups or not, do not yet know if they can attempt the lunge for the former Giallorossi as early as June. But one thing is for sure: Zaniolo is in Juventus’ thoughts for the future.

Alex Sandro at Max

Ratings for players close to release are also underway. If Cuadrado is in the salute, an attempt is made for Di Maria and Rabiot (uphill agreement with the French). Attention, however, to Alex Sandro. The Brazilian’s contract expires in June, but can be automatically extended for another twelve months due to an attendance clause (40). Allegri reinvented Alex Sandro as a central defender and uses him consistently (27 appearances). For the present, but also with a view to the future. Translated: A left-hander in the squad is needed and the coach would not mind confirming the former Porto.

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