Juventus, attack on Koopmeiners with Soulé-Ilings money


New Summit: Gasp's Joker is the latest idea to strengthen the median. Atalanta needs to be convinced

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Juventus is approaching January with a new transfer peak. Yesterday director Cristiano Giuntoli and director Giovanni Manna met with their closest collaborators at the Continassa. As managers compared the pros and cons of the various options they were considering, here was the news of a call for a four-year ban for Paul Pogba. Partly due to the Octopus situation and partly due to the disqualification of Nicolò Fagioli, who was out of action until May due to the betting fall, the Lady's midfield position is tight and two types of alternative interventions are being explored to extend it. A patch, through a loan until June. Or a real investment, trying to anticipate a reinforcement already planned for June. Teun Koopmeiners belongs to this second category, the last attempt to strengthen the midfield with a view to the championship. The most classic of all flashbacks: the 25-year-old Dutch all-rounder has been at Juventus for several seasons and has been popular with Giuntoli since his time in Naples. An idea that is as fascinating as it is ambitious and complicated. Trying something out doesn't always mean being successful on the market. Even more so in winter and against Atalanta. Juventus is aware of the importance of Koopmeiners for Gasperini and the resistance of Percassi's club, which rejected Napoli for 48 million in August with the intention of keeping the midfielder with Gasp at least until June. But at Continassa they want to try to tempt Atalanta immediately and not wait for the summer. Despite the 200 million capital increase initiated by the owners, Giuntoli and Manna cannot carelessly write a check for 45 to 48 million as if they were an Arab club. Juve's attempt for Koopmeiners is closely linked to a transfer plan. Sell ​​to buy. And there are currently three Juventus talents in talks with European clubs: Matias Soulé (on loan to Frosinone), Samuel Iling Jr and Kenan Yildiz.

first treasure

A week ago, on the eve of the away game in Monza, Giuntoli was the protagonist of a lightning attack in England. A quick excursion to test first-hand the interest of some Premier League clubs in the lady's jewels. The Juventus technical director did not return to Italy with a check, but he experienced first-hand the appreciation of Newcastle and Crystal Palace for the 20-year-old Argentine playmaker, protagonist with goals (6) and assists (1) on the pitch of Eusebio Francis. In the case of a must-have offer, say 20-25 million with bonuses, it would be difficult for Giuntoli and Manna to answer “no thanks”. Soulé would fall victim in the name of the budget and the possibility of strengthening the squad immediately and also for the future. The same applies to Iling Jr., also born in 2003: he finds little space in the black and whites (113'), the contract is relatively short (2025) and in the UK there are people who would like to see him as a protagonist in both the Premier League as well as in the English U21 team. For Juventus, 15 million or more in bonuses could be enough, a figure that is within the reach of almost all clubs in Europe's richest league for a 20-year-old who has already played 22 games for Juventus. Also pay attention to the variant of Kenan Yildiz, who is already a protagonist – and goalscorer – for coach Vincenzo Montella's Turkey. The former Bayern playmaker is a player from 2005 and Juve wouldn't want to withhold him. However, Liverpool, Borussia Dortmund, Arsenal and Leipzig have the arguments to unsettle the lady, who seems unwilling to sit at the table for less than 30 million. The Bianconeri won't sell everyone, of course, but two transfers (Soulé and Iling remain the main suspects) combined with the savings on the Pogba front would be a treasure to convince Atalanta to at least talk about Koopmeiners. Whether the talks with the Dutchman develop into something more serious – and not remain an interesting December idea – will depend on how much money Juve makes from sales and, above all, from Atalanta, a solid and competent club on the market.

From Sudakov to Bern

For all these reasons, Continassa continues to work on multiple tables. If Koopmeiners, who would actually be bought for June, brought forward to January, would represent the perfect mix of the need to score goals (3 in this Serie A), flexibility and experience in the Italian championship, Juve does not give up on Sudakov (Shakhtar ), Koné (Borussia Mönchengladbach), Hojbjerg (Tottenham) and loan options Kalvin Phillips (City) and Federico Bernardeschi (Toronto) also remain on the table. Without forgetting the goal from Berardi (Sassuolo).

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