The evidence that there was one team in better shape than others during the regular season of Serie A Puro Bio was all there. They explode on the twenty-first day of the Top Women’s Futsal Championship. Dudu Morgado’s undefeated Pescara clears Giovinazzo 3-2He beats Bitonto in a duel at the top and is the new leader of the regular season.


Al PalaPansini thinks about it an epic Alessia Guidotti To break the balance by signing the advantage we go into the break with, the black-green react immediately by equalizing with the usual renatinha at the beginning of the second half. But Pescara is there and it shows: makes the decisive leap with Ludovica Coppari and Bruna Borges running 2-0. Dudu Morgado’s defense bordered on perfection, Diana Santos reopened the game without Bitonto finding an equaliser. It ends 3-2: win, overtake and top (+2) for a grandiose Pescara.


TikiTaka Francavilla and the city of Falconarafor their part, did not make a mistake in their respective games and approached second place: one is always ahead against Rovigo Orange but is caught three times and wins 4:3 thanks to a goal by Deborah Vanin at 2’43” from behind siren sound, the other is even under the break against the female Molfetta for Bruninha’s goal but overturns everything in the second half with Rozo, Taty and Pato Dal’Maz Show, fun and goals in clusters (even fourteen) in the SkyMatch of the Emilia -Romagna Arena in Salsomaggiore Terme The kick-off flies 3-1 at the break but everything happens in the second half: Lazio bring the result back to a draw with Grieco and Beita, a back and forth from Costa-Beita, then the 3 0-0 run by Bortolini Stegius and Vanelli crucial to All Blacks success Grieco is the last Capitoline to retire but finishes 8-6 for the break. At other meetings very valuable 3: 0, in terms of rescue, by Irpinia in the pellettery that projects the bells just one point before the direct rescue. Statte fuels the flame of hope to get back in contention for the playouts by arithmetically settling a 2-0 from Vis Fondi in the A2 Women series. Draw and draw (2-2) between Audace Verona and VIP.


This the results of the 25th matchday: Irpinia – Pelletterie 3:0, Vis Fondi – Italcave RealSTATE 0:2, Audace Verona – VIP 2:2, Bitonto – Pescara female 2:3, City of Falconara – Molfetta female 3:1, TikiTaka Francavilla – Rovigo Orange 4-3, kick-off Lazio 8-6. classification: Pescara Female 55, Bitonto 53, TikiTaka Francavilla 51, City of Falconara 50, Kick Off 39, Lazio 31, Audace Verona and Pelletterie 25, Orange Rovigo and VIP 21, Irpinia 20, Female Molfetta 18, Italcave Real Statte 10, Vis Fondi 1.

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