Kings League, announcement by Agüero: “I bought Higuain…”


The president’s coup: “Il Pipita will go to the field for a game with us. The day is not yet decided.” The Madrid, Napoli and Juve ex is the first big name announced for the second edition

Aguero buys Higuain. One president, the other player. The first edition of the Kings League has just gone into the archives, but the ‘market’ is already raging, which we put in quotes because here in Spain, from Gerard Piqué onwards, that’s exactly how it’s spelled and pronounced, in Italian style.


As in fantasy football, the 12 teams in the Kings League have their own fictitious budget and can use it to operate on the domestic market. Then there’s the number 12, the stars, former professionals who come into play for one or more games.

The announcement

Well, yesterday the president of Kunisports i.e. Kun Aguero announced that he has signed former national teammate Gonzalo Higuain for the next edition. “I don’t know when yet, but Pipita will go on the field with us for a game. The day has yet to be decided,” said Agüero.

Boom Ronaldinho

The former player of Madrid, Napoli and Juve, among others, who resigned a few months ago, is the first big name announced for the second edition of the Kings League. In the first, the bombshell was Ronaldinho, who attracted over two million viewers with his attendance, and then Saviola, Chicharito Hernandez, world champion Capdevila, Aguero himself and various former La Liga players.

place in Queens

But the market is just getting started, it’s reasonable to expect other surprises. Meanwhile, selection for the Queens League, the first edition dedicated to women’s football, has begun, while the organization of the Brazilian Kings League tournament, scheduled to start on January 7, 2024, is progressing.

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