Luciano Rodriguez and the great tradition of Uruguay: from Cavani to Suarez


The South Americans under 20 brought in Colombia Several managers and scouts working for the big European clubs: a Kali And Bogota They secured a seat in the stands real Madrid and the Manchester CityThe Liverpool and the Barcelona. The tournament started on January 19th and the final stage started on January 31st. Are you qualified: Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Ecuador And Venezuela. The sensational elimination ofArgentinareturned home with the PeruThe Chile and the Bolivia. There in great growth Seleçao Junioresdriven by the centre-forward Victor RoqueVintage 2005, gem ofAthletico Paranense and top scorer with five goals, but also from the playmaker half Andrei Santos (2004), e.g Vasco da Gamasince taken for twelve million Chelsea and author of Four Goals. Manchester City, on the other hand, secured Maximo personArgentinian, twenty years old, classic point guard in front of defence, left-handed, thrown wide Velez Sarsfield: It cost eleven million, the deal was finalized on January 23 and soon the boy will be training with Brian’s B-Team Barry Murphyone of Pep’s employees guardhouse.

THE REVELATION – There is also interest in Uruguay, who propose one of the most promising strikers. Lucian Rodriguez is nineteen and plays in the Liverpool from Montevideo, who bought it at the end of December for 466,000 euros. In Colombia, during the South American U20, he has scored three goals with the number 19 so far Heavenlyled by Marcelo Broly. A goal against Chile, before a brace against Venezuela, plus two assists. He grew up in grown up Progressassociation of La Tejadistrict of the capital. He made his professional debut on January 17, 2021 in a draw (0-0) against Torque of the city of Montevideo. Fast, elegant, a meter and 79, natural right. He was born on July 16, 2003 in Montevideo. Seven goals in the works. And a dream – to build the same career as suarez And Cavanihis idols. He will show up at the Liverpool sports center in Montevideo at the end of the South American U20s to work with coach Jorge ridge. The starting position is played with Maicol Cabrera26 years old, came out a few days ago Danube.

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