Masterchef Italia 12: The 2023 winner is Edoardo Franco. His last menu


The three judges Antonino Cannavacciuolo, Giorgio Locatelli and Bruno Barbieri determined the winner

Riccardo Cristilli

– Milan

The twelfth edition of Master Chef Italy was won Edward Francoproclaimed in the final episode which aired Thursday 2nd March 2023 on Sky Uno and streaming NOW and is always available on demand.

masterchef italia 12 who won

Edward Francowon later an issue with 24 episodes long, twelve weeks of program that entertained and delighted the audience, alternating the emotions of the participants with their recipes. All seasoned with the sympathy of the three judges, who are becoming ever more closely related and ready to crack witty jokes, but also to reprimand the competitors when necessary. Bruno Barbieri he is the veteran of the group, he has carved out the role of the “bad guy”; Antonino Cannavacciuolo mixes his natural sympathy with a deep knowledge of ingredients and cooking; George Locatelli He is the “lord”, elegant and sophisticated, but willing to joke with others.

the Masterchef winner menu

The tasting menu convinced the three judges Edward Franco by title The whole world inspired by the title of Keith Haring’s mural and reflected the wandering soul of the 26-year-old winner, who lived across Europe between Edinburgh and Germany, where he worked as a driver a few months before joining Masterchef. His menu consisted of an appetizer Medieval, but not too much A sour turnip stuffed with pigeon liver pate, medieval brew, buttermilk and roasted leeks, accompanied by beetroot and dill infusion. Next the first Kebab ravioli, a reinterpretation of the doner kebab: a spiced lamb meatball in a bunch of egg noodles, served with apricot sauce and carrot leaves. The second course was Curried scallops: the unusual marriage between scallops, sweet and tender, and curry, spicy and fragrant, with the addition of coral mayonnaise and roasted coriander. Finally the dessert wedding in white, an artificial coconut mousse with liquorice-orange cream and passion fruit filling. The dessert was supposed to be different than the title Sweetly Punk with meringue and a chocolate ball, but it failed so badly that he burst into tears in front of the jury. But for the three judges it was very good and maybe it was the convincing move to win.

what does the winner of masterchef win?

XY happens tracy, winner of the last edition. In addition to Title of the twelfth Italian master chef, he also won 100,000 euros in gold tokens, the opportunity to publish your first cookbook thanks to the publishing house Baldini+Castoldi. Not only that, the winner of the Masterchef Italia 12 also has access to a prestigious Continuing education course at Almathe International School of Italian Cuisine, and participation in the Masterchef Academy workshop created in partnership with Destination Gusto.

Who were the other finalists?

The last double installment of Master Chef Italy 12 It started with a final test for the four remaining contestants. Bubu, Edoardo, Mattia and Hueconfronted the three-star chef ClareSmithStudent of Gordon Ramsey, who turned the rules of upside down fine dining. The chef listened to the contestants’ stories by shopping them for the Mystery Box. The test is won by Edoardo, the others faced the invention test and Mattia was eliminated. The three then presented their tasting menu to the jury and cooked in the master class, which was pushed by the relatives and friends who had come and the participants in the edition that had just ended. Antonio Gargiulo called Bubu The 19-year-old, born in Vico Equense (Naples) but raised in Cagliari, arrived in Rome as a student of archeology and without having said anything to his parents, who made so many sacrifices to let him study , he has decided that today cooking is his way. hueof Vietnamese origin, is a 27-year-old project assistant for a company that develops collaboration between Italian and Vietnamese companies, Italian adoption: she has lived in different cities of the peninsula, from Bolzano to Genoa, from Venice to Florence where she currently resides. Mathias37 years old and manager of a vinotheque in Bolzano, was a beacon for the other competitors, valued and appreciated by almost the entire group, he had a passion for Michelin restaurants even as a child.

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