Milan are studying a new pair of strikers: Thuram with Leao, who will wear the number 10


Official Diaz for Real: The most iconic jersey goes to the Portuguese. Lilian’s son decides, threatens Psg

Rafa Leao raised his hand – let’s say metaphorically – during the renewal negotiations with Milan and asked for the number 10 shirt. Now that Brahim Diaz has sent his uniforms to a new address, here we are: Milan have it, if they can no unpredictable twists, done a new 10 and the selection is special. The second Portuguese 10 after Rui Costa, the most intriguing since Clarence Seedorf. Those responsible for merchandising cheer: people like the new shirt and the new combination promises to sell well. Leao is also popular because he has the brushstroke of a 10 and a penchant for frescoes, for creative improvisation. Sometimes he’s not in the game and that’s easier to forgive on a 10. In addition, he scores: 11 and 15 goals in the last two championships, with a clear promise to attack 20. Rafa has shots to score more.

Thuram decides

A new attacking partner could help. Milan lost Tielemans yesterday and continue to look to attack – not midfield – as the department to intervene. Brahim Diaz and Real Madrid officially announced yesterday that they have an appointment with the world: a conference will be held on Tuesday at 12 noon to present the new agreement signed until 2027. Marcus Thuram is the next to have something to say to the world. Lilian’s son has been collecting offers for weeks and has already said no. Milan and Inter have gotten in touch at different times and are awaiting an answer. Inter pressed for a long time, Milan at different times: they asked for information early on, Maldini and Massara preferred other leads, Furlani and Moncada returned to make their voices heard decisively from Monday. In this story, the favorite has always been PSG, who have a different budget and appeal: they can offer 6.5-7 million per season, an amount that Milan will give – including bonuses – to Rafa Leao next season . There are a lot of thoughts in Paris – especially the choice of manager – and Milan hope they can provide some distraction.

In Italian

In short, the game will be played in the next few days and tomorrow could be an important day. Milan focus on prestige and centrality in the project: it is clear that Thuram would be fundamental in Milan straight away, but less so in Mbappé’s team. Stefano Pioli has already called him and it is not difficult to understand what language they spoke: Italian, which Thuram speaks very well.

The couple

Together, Thuram and Leao would be a great transition couple, the true specialty of Milan 2022-23. Pioli does his best when he can regain the ball and restart vertically… and he would have fun with those two. Rafa attacks the goal from afar, Thuram is very good when he can attack in the spaces, leapfrogging a man at high speed and surprise an unpitched defense. Of course, neither of them is a series goalscorer: Thuram never got more than 16 goals in the season, in 2021/22 he stayed at 3, in the last Bundesliga he got 13. That would be an issue. Different pros and cons, on the other hand, in the event that a more classic 9 like Scamacca arrives at Milan, another player Milan have spoken to in recent days.

Congratulations Rafael

The central importance of Rafael Leao does not change in this context. Rafa has been in Lisbon with his family these days and will soon (June 17 and 20) play two European Championship qualifiers with Portugal. Opponents: Bosnia and Iceland. Then he goes on holiday, knowing full well that he has to return to the Rossoneri on July 10th – speaking of numbers. Yesterday he collected social greetings for his birthday: messages from Calabria, Giroud, Theo Hernandez, Daniel Maldini and many others. At the end of the photo parade, one number remains at the top: not 10, but 24. Rafa has turned 24 and at 24 you have two thirds of your career ahead of you, you can improve in everything you care about, from music to goals . And then a prognosis: one day Rafa will be a central striker, he will no longer have to start from the left and he will score 20 goals in the league. In the same style, from 10.

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