Milan striker on Chukwueze. Villarreal open: “They want a big game”


The Nigerian is very popular but there is competition. Roig Jr.: “Never got a good offer”

Executives almost always speak in code, sometimes – when they want to convey a message – they go straight ahead. Straight up this time. Fernando Roig Negueroles, son of the Villarreal president and a member of the club’s board, told As: “Samuel Chukwueze is an extraordinary boy who has been with us for many years. It’s true he’s hoping to play with one.” If there was that option, we would sit down and negotiate. But it will be necessary to see if any offers favorable to the three parties arrive. No offers have arrived yet and Samuel still has one year left on his contract. We are aware that unless a good offer comes in, he will continue with us.”

How much does it cost

Sure, right? Villarreal are ready to sell Chukwueze but want a suitable offer. How large? At Vila-Real, many believe it’s around 25 million plus bonuses, a high figure for a player with a contract expiring in 2024 but understandable, especially in the event of an international auction. And there is no lack of interest here. Real Madrid have grabbed the headlines but it doesn’t appear to be the intended destination for Chukwueze. It is more likely that Sam will leave the Villarreal and all Spain yellow jersey. This is where Milan comes in.

The payment

Milan have decided to rely heavily on Chukwueze as a right winger. In this position, Samuel is the favorite and Christian Pulisic is one of the other candidates. Different players, but still with an important story behind them. Chukwueze is 24 years old and full of energy. The last was his first season as a starter at Villarreal, which ended with 6 goals in La Liga, 4 in the Copa del Rey and 3 in the Conference League. Whoever takes it is guaranteed sprint, acceleration, duel and danger in the last 20 meters. Not a bad deal. It is less easy to extricate yourself from a complex situation at agent level: Milan have had meetings in the past week and more meetings will follow.

Safe part

And then the great threat could come from England. Chukwueze is a player with good qualities for the Premier League and by now everyone has understood how many Premier League teams can spend 25 million on a player: all. And then his will will make the difference. Villarreal haven’t received any offers but can’t turn a blind eye: they know full well that these offers are in the air and have practically already been presented. Beyond Roig’s verdicts, fate is written: Chukwueze will switch teams this summer for a sum well below the €80m release clause. In Spain, it’s said that Villarreal would have sold him to Everton for 20million in the winter and the final amount of the deal won’t be too far from that figure. Based on that, Milan would sign tomorrow.

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