Modena also wins in Poland, it’s final!


BELKHATOV (POLAND)– Valsa Modena flies to the final of the Cev Cup, a prestigious goal, hard won by the yellow-blue team, but certainly deserved by Giani’s men given what we’ve seen in the two semi-finals. Strengthened by the success of the first leg to 3:1, Modena presented themselves in Belchatow with the firm will not to let the chance slip. However, the role of the predestined victim was not played by the Skra trained by Gardini, quite the opposite. Lanza and his associates confronted him with a desire to reverse the outcome, terrifying the people of Modena. However, the Polish team led twice but were beaten by Ngapeth and his colleagues as the rhythms increased in the fourth set and the yellow-blue formation expressed the best volleyball possible. Valsa clearly won the part by closing the accounts. The fifth set was academic but Valsa was able to win it for the first time this season by finishing the game 2-3 (25-22 21-25 25-21 16-25 14-16) . . Valsa Modena will play the final against Belgium’s Knack Roeselare in the first leg on March 29th and the second leg on April 5th.

Modena starts with Bruno-Lagumdzija in the main diagonal, Ngapeth-Rinaldi hammers, Stankovic-Sanguinetti in the middle and Rossini Libero. Belchatow sets up Lomacz-Atanasijevic, Spiker Lanza-Kooy, Klos-Gunia in the center with a Gruszczynski free-throw. Belchatow starts strong, 3-7. Modena immediately approaches the sound of the walls, 9-10. The hosts push their serve and stretch again, 15-18. In the last set, Modena tries to equalize the deficit, but the Poles close with 22:25 and move forward in the game. Belchatow is also better in the second set, 3-6. Gardini’s team stays ahead but Modena doesn’t give up, 10-11, just after the Gialloblù took a 16-15 lead. Andrea Giani’s formation widens, 23-19, then 25-21 and the game is a tie. La Valsa Group is better in the third set, 6-3. Belchatow picks up the pace and finds the overtake, 11-14. The hosts don’t stop, 17-21. Poland take the third set 21-25 and take a 1-2 lead again. Even start to the fourth set, 6-6. Modena pushes and goes 13-8 with Lagumdzija’s ace then 17-11. The Gialloblù spread in the last section of the fourth set and closed 25:16, which secured them a place in the CEV Cup final with a 3:1 win in the first leg. In the now irrelevant tie-break, both coaches give space to the second rows. Belchatow goes 8-7 at the change. In the second part of the fifth set, Modena overtakes, then closes 16-14 to win the match 3-2.


Andrea Giani (Coach Valsa Modena)- “It was a complicated game, we recovered it very well, we did well both on an emotional level and of course on a technical level. It’s very important that we were able to raise the level in the fourth set when qualifying was in the balance. Those are our standards, but we don’t always manage to meet them, it’s a matter of common sense. 2-1, we went in determined to win the set and we won it. We advanced to the final by winning the first tiebreak of the season, two important goals in the same game. Knak Roeselare will be a tough opponent but we will face him as well as possible because Cev is a target of the club and the group and the opponent’s name is not important ».


PGE SKRA BELCHATOW-VALSA GROUP MODENA 2-3 (25-22, 21-25, 25-21, 16-25, 14-16)

PGE SKRA BELKHATOW: Lomacz 1, Atanasijevic 18, Kooy 22, Lanza 8, Klos 10, Gunia 11, Gruszczynski (L), Musial 3, Vasina 2, Mitic 1, Rybicki 3, Milczarek (L). NE: Adamczyk, Bieniek. All.Gardini

VALSA GROUP MODENA: Mossa de Rezende 2, Lagumdzija 20, Ngapeth 17, Rinaldi 8, Stankovic 4, Sanguinetti 13, Rossini (L), Marechal, Rousseaux 1, Sala 6, Salsi, Bossi 1, Gollini (L). Herd Giani.

REFEREE: Deneri, Rychlik

Set duration: 28′, 28′, 29′, 24′, 19′. Total: 128′.

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