Morata and relations with Italy: His wife Alice met in Milan


During the Juventus years, the Spaniard has forged close ties with Zaza and Dybala

On the map of the heart of Morata, Milan already occupies a special place: it is halfway between Turin, where Alvaro led two lives as a Juventus player, and Venice, where he married his Alice in 2017. However, the two met in Milan: she lived, worked and studied in the shadow of the Duomo, he met her there for the first time thanks to mutual friendships in the fashion world and fell in love with her first look.

Galeotta a dinner before an Argentine asado in a restaurant in the Arena district: “For me it was love at first sight, at the first dinner together I told her that she would be my wife.” If here the story with If we were to repeat this timing and passion with AC Milan, Milan could already toast new and plentiful goals with a Spanish accent. Finally, Morata gave his best where he felt happy, motivated and spoiled. Or in Italy.

scudetti and san siro

That’s how it went in black and white in his first two years – the Scudetto goals, the goals from the Champions League to the final and the goal, of all things, against Milan, in the final of the Coppa Italia 2016, when the 23rd year-old could Real convincing Madrid to exercise the buyback right and bring him back to the base – and eventually it wasn’t bad the second time either: with Pirlo on the bench, Juventus’ Morata racked up 6 goals in 8 Champions League games just what the devil of the future needs in order to remain competitive in Europe. With San Siro as an opponent, there was never a great feeling: Alvaro scored the first time you entered (May 2015, the match goal in the 2-1 win against Inter a few minutes before the end), then nothing. The Rossoneri would have plenty of time to rewrite those numbers.


Morata gave her children Italian names: Alessandro, Leonardo, Edoardo (born in Turin) and Bella. Not only did he meet love in Italy, he also forged deep connections in the Juve dressing room, from friendships with Zaza and Pereyra to obviously the one with Dybala. Paulo is the godfather of Bella, Alvaro’s fourth child: in January, after the very delicate moment following the birth (Alice had ended up in intensive care due to some complications), the Argentinean and his partner Oriana flew to Madrid to meet the little girl at home Morata. In Juve’s times, it wasn’t difficult to “find” Alvaro for dinner in the center of Turin: once, after a brace against Inter in the Italian Cup, he invited a fan in his jersey to his table and offered him dinner and above all, he gave him another shirt, much more valuable because it was signed. With Spain he crossed Italy five times. More pain than joy, like in the semifinals of the last European Championship: Alvaro equalized in the 80th minute after Chiesa had taken the lead, but missed his team’s last penalty. resentment? Not at all. Qualifying for Qatar and the Azzurri with North Macedonia a few months later, he said: “The truth is that a World Cup without Italy is less of a World Cup.” A bit like for him: a morata far from Italy is less morata.

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