Mourinho: What a lesson about racist chants. But now it goes on


The Portuguese Roma coach’s nice gesture in defense of Dejan Stankovic is a role model for all insiders

“You are a gypsy, you are a gypsy, you are a gypsy…” the loud and clear chorus was repeated incessantly from the Romansh south curve towards Stankovic, the Serbian coach of Sampdoria with extensive experience in Lazio Rome. Deki proudly stood in front of his bench as the insults continued until José Mourinho said enough.


The Roma coach, who shared triumphs with Stankovic as an Inter player, rose from his bench, nodded his face slightly and then raised his hand in the direction of his fans to make it clear that it was time to call it a day . The leader and leader of Rome and the Romanists was heard: the choirs stopped. In one fell swoop, Mourinho accomplished three fundamental things with his gesture: 1) defended a colleague and friend against indecent racial discrimination; 2) saved Roma from a much larger fine than the 8,000 euros imposed and avoided closing the sector for the next internal game. 3) behaved like a person giving civilization lessons. At the end of the game, José said he would have done it for anyone, but even more so for a friend of his who “doesn’t touch himself”.


Stankovic, on the other hand, admitted, perhaps with a little lie, that he hadn’t heard anything and that “Gypsy” didn’t blame him anyway because he felt proud that way. An answer very reminiscent of that of his “brother” Sinisa Mihajlovic, who also muscularly added “but come and tell me privately…”.


If the most important, influential and persecuted protagonists – be they managers, coaches, captains and simple players – liked Mou, so many hate songs and episodes that we hear and see cyclically in stadiums would decrease. Distancing champions and leaders from their fans provides a much stronger deterrent for the latter to repeat certain nonsense than any fine that they will never pay anyway. Think what a powerful image if before the bullshit and the racist howls, the discriminatory chants, the rude insults towards an opponent on the pitch, the protagonists of the home team would say enough. They usually prefer to lower their heads and close their ears. The angry and bullfighting atmosphere that reigns in the stadiums, too often confused with passion, leads them to justify and accept everything. Most of the time they remain silent out of convenience, a quiet life or because they themselves are the target of insults, discrimination, hate songs in opposing stadiums. In other words, it’s happening to us too… We’ve waited a long time for an opponent to defend a black player who is being targeted, for the idols of those who sing them to silence or silence the anti-Semitic chants Protecting the targeted coach from insults is the colleague of the other bank. Mourinho taught him a lesson, now it just needs to be followed.

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